Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Team YOKOMO BD7-2015 announced!

Part No: MRTC-BD715B

Yokomo is introducing the BD7 2015 Black Series high-performance competition touring car kit for the 2015 racing season, the successor to the highly-popular and race-winning BD7 2014.

This is the product from the continuous R&D effort led by Umino san.

Today we finally have a glimpse into the next generation of touring car from Team YOKOMO. There are a lot of "NEW" in the final specifications.

● 1/10th-scale electric 4WD belt-driven touring car kit
● Newly-designed carbon double-deck chassis which actualizes ultimate maneuverability
● Newly-designed motor mount which optimizes the torsion characteristics of the chassis
● Newly-designed front and rear bulkheads affixed by cross bulkheads which allows adjusting of the chassis roll freely
● Re-engineered battery holder and weight attachment methods prevents disruption of the chassis torsional characteristics leading to even left/right steering
● Newly-designed lightweight front spool joint 
● Newly-designed gear differential
● Support for wider range of gear ratio configurations, allowing comprehensive compatibility with various racing regulations, such as sport, stock and modified class racing
● Lightweight molded graphite composite materials used in the suspension arms, front/rear hubs and knuckles
● Separate aluminum suspension mounts (front rear-side and rear front-side)
● Front aluminum solid axle
● Lightweight plastic cam belt tensioner
● Standard equipped with front/rear stabilizer
● Low-friction hard anodized shock cylinder which reduces the internal resistance of the shocks

Launch video

This time around, the new BD7-2015 is a all rounder as it is catered for all kinds of racing classes which include Modified, Super Stock, Zero Timing, etc. It is made possible because of the new designed bulkheads in combination with the re-designed chassis.

Full Part Lists can be found at this link
Option Parts planned for BD7-2015 can be found at this link

We look forward to receiving this new car by mid of October 2015. Pre-order is opened now. Please contact us for details.

More pictures

Full write-up
Yokomo is introducing the BD7 2015 Black Series high-performance competition touring car kit for the 2015 racing season, the successor to the highly-popular and race-winning BD7 2014.

Stability and cornering speed are two important factors when it comes to racing. This is also true in the R/C touring car category. The BD7 2015 has been engineered to deliver those two contrasting but essential characteristics to assist you in achieving success not only in high-speed races of the modified class, but also for stock class racing where regulations restrict maximum speed. The performance potential the car possesses becomes a major advantage in gaining the upper hand.

The Yokomo BD7 platform has pioneered the configuration that improves grip by reducing the rigidity of the bulkhead area. The BD7 2015 further evolves that trend setting concept by lowering the center-of-gravity with the bulkhead caps, and enabling variable adjustment of the front and rear grip balance by attaching or removing the newly-designed cross bulkhead. These features give the new BD7 2015 much higher cornering speed, a level which is out of this dimension.

Furthermore, the newly-designed motor mount, battery holder and chassis contributes to the improved roll characteristics. Of particular importance is the newly-developed battery holder which affixes the battery in a way that does not disrupt the excellent torsion characteristics of the chassis, which allows nearly-equal left and right steering characteristics, leading to improved handling and reduced uneven wear of the tires.

The performance potential that the new BD7 2015 has acquired through continued technological innovation will no doubt make the BD7 2015 the ultimate competition kit and it will continue to lead the current touring car racing scene!

Yokomo will lead you to victory!

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