Thursday, July 1, 2010

DRB is confirmed! Full name: Drift Package DRB

Latest news from Yokomo. DRB with its own page at Team Yokomo Japan. Official release date in Japan is 4th July 2010.  More details are released.

Major features 
● Mid-ship motor layout
● Full support for counter-drift ratio Ackerman
● 45-degree steering angle
●Ultra-low center of gravity design 
●Enhanced performance
●Double-deck chassis 
●Carbon Fiber Front and rear damper stay  
●Titanium Turnbuckle Tie Rod
●Precision aluminum front and rear bulkheads
●Precision Aluminum motor mount
●Silver Colored Aluminum Precision Upper Bridge
●Battery Holder for all types of batteries
●Aluminum oil-filled absorbers

Source from Team Yokomo

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