Sunday, August 8, 2010

New prototype items @ France, European Touring Car Championship

Got some nice pictures of prototype parts (from used by Team Yokomo competing in the event.

A nice picture of the gear diff which is coming our way very very soon.  This is a nice design and the lightweight blue anodized drive cups looks tricked. 

This is a chassis that looks really really "flex".  I guess the track which they are racing on is really lacking on traction.  I think it would be a nice chassis for our local tracks in Malaysia.  

We hope to receive this items very very soon. :-)

Our Team Yokomo is doing pretty well with 3 Yokomo in the top 10 after round 2 of the qualifying.
Qualfiying standings after 2 rounds
1. Ronald Volker (DE) – 0pts (Yokomo/LRP)
2. Jilles Groskamp (NL) – 5pts (Tamiya/Team Orion)
3. Elliott Harper (GB) – 5pts (Tamiya/Speed Passion)
4. Victor Wilck (SE) – 9pts (Tamiya/Speed Passion)
5. Yannick Pruemper (DE) – 13pts (Yokomo/Speed Passion)
6. Loïc Jasmin (FR) – 13pts (Tamiya/Team Orion)
7. Cyril N’Diaye (FR) – 16pts (Tamiya/LRP)
8. Andy Moore (GB) – 19pts (Hot Bodies/Nosram)
9. Steven Weiss (DE) – 20pts (Yokomo/LRP)
10.Marc Fisher (DE) – 26pts (Corally/GM)

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