Friday, August 6, 2010

News flash. Volker is fastest @ France

The title is catchy! :-)  Yes, Ronald Volker is the fastest driver after 6 rounds of control-practice at 12th Electric Touring Car Championship which is held in Aniche, France.  The race is going to be run through this coming weekend.

A lesson of geography here: Aniche of France is here....

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Check out some images of the beautiful place.

Back to the race.  Volker is the man to watch in this race.  He is, of course, running the latest Yokomo BD5 World Spec with the new prototype gear diff.  He has gotten used to this new setup and making good progress.  His teammate, Yannic Prumper is the 6th fastest driver there after the control practice.  Let's wish them all the best.

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Picture courtesy from Isafugitive

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