Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Team YOKOMO YR-10 F1 car kit ver. ETS

Part No: YR-10F
Expected release date: Mid December 2015

Team YOKOMO has announced the release of the updated F1 car kit. This new model is targeted towards to all successful ETS.  Please contact us for further details.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Team YOKOMO YZ-4 instruction manual is available

Team YOKOMO has made the manual available at their website.  Please click on the following link:

YZ-4 Manual

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Team YOKOMO Under Drive Gear Sets for Drift Package

Team YOKOMO new under drive gear set for Drift Package series has been enhanced. The following items are new addition to fine tune the successful Drift Package series. 

Part Numbers are in the chart:
Please contact us for details.

Team YOKOMO BD7-2016 Conversion Kit Details

Just posted on Team YOKOMO Website.  It is applicable to the entire series of BD-7 car kits.

The full picture of all the items is as below:

Graphite main chassis 1
Graphite upper deck 1
Front Shock Tower for SLF Short shock   1
Rear Shock Tower for SLF Short shock   1
SLF short shock II         4
Spring for SLF short shock II 4
(A) Aluminum bulk head 2
(B) Aluminum bulk head 2
(C) Aluminum bulk head 2
FL Aluminum bulk head cap 1
FR Aluminum bulk head cap 1
RL Aluminum bulk head cap 1
RR Aluminum bulk head cap 1
Motor mount (Black) 1
(A) Aluminum drive pulley 1
(B) Aluminum drive pulley 1
34T Pulley for front axle         1
Gear differential unit 1
Front drive belt         1
Rear drive belt         1
Main gear shaft 1
Steel stabilizer rod         2
F/R Body post         1

Note: for BD-7 Version RS, you would need the part B7-3120BS to complete the conversion kit.  Please contact us for details.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Team YOKOMO BD7-2016 announced!

Team YOKOMO has shared more details on their new car.  With pictures and comparisons to the older model. Pre-order is opened for registration.

The entire chassis design is moved toward lower CG to improve on handling and cornering speed.

In order to compensate for the volume of oil inside the shock cylinder, Yokomo has increased the diameter of the shock body.

Now, Double-Joint UJ is a standard equipment in the new car.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hobby Haven Malaysia Blog: Happy Deepavali!

Hobby Haven Malaysia Blog: Happy Deepavali!: We wish our Hindu friends a very Happy Deepavali! Our office and shop will be closed tomorrow (10th Nov 2015).  Operations will resume ...

YOKOMO Racing Performa Ultra Battery to be in stock again soon.

New batch of high performance LiPo batteries are coming in soon.  Please contact us for details.

Yokomo will release new product for Racing Performer Ultra Battery

New batteries will be released as part of Racing Performer series with the highest performance spec which is required for the serious touring and drift drivers.  The 5mm sized + connector (for series 5000/6000) increases the efficiency of electric conduction, and protect itself by prevention from the reverse connection. Racing Performer Ultra will be the right choice to ensure the high performance in highest level of racing.

[RPB-60L]  138.8mm x 46.5mm x 25.0mm, 306g

[RPB-50S] 95.2mm x 46.5mm x 25.0mm

[RPB-39E2K]  92.5mm x 46.5mm x 18.4mm, 161g


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