Monday, November 13, 2017

New Yokomo Transmitter Bag

Yokomo has announced the release of new multipurpose bag under the name of Transmitter bag.

This new bag is with protection pad to prevent from unexpected impact from the out side.  The inner size is enough for packing a transmitter and other small things such as spares and peripherals for enjoy RC. 

Yokomo logo is placed for both side as well as front side, and able to good combination with Yokomo RC bag YT-25PB4. 

Please contact us for details.

YD2S Composite Chassis version released

YOKOMO will release the new RWD car chassis kit YD-2S in middle of November.

This new YD-2S is the plastic composite version of YD-2 Plus (released in October) which has originally designed for low grip surface such as P-tile, concrete. The higher mount motor layout and 4 gear transmission with plastic one piece chassis will provide another type of flex point on chassis to perform more smooth and flexible drift feels for each drivers. Especially the front steering feels are the different, more roles on sideway and super natural drifting like real car.

Motor height are possible on 3 rotate position and 4 battery mount layout are enable the driver to enjoy the variety of set up. 

Pre-Order with special price has started. Please contact us for more information.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Announcement : YOKOMO BD8-2018

Dear Fans of Team YOKOMO

The long awaited refresh of the BD8 is finally here.  The press release from Team YOKOMO:

YOKOMO is released the new 1/10 scale EP on-road touring car kit 2018 edition:  BD8-2018
The 1/10EP touring car is one of the biggest and competitive market in the world.
Yokomo has been releasing BD series since 2014 and achieved the world championship in multiple occasions: in  2014 with the BD-7  and  2016 with the BD-8.
The 2018 updated BD8 model will be available at the end of October.
This new BD8-2018 is a further refinement of the previous model to push the limits further and be extremely competitive. 
In order to reduce the weight in the drive train the front spool has been redesigned with newly formulated resin and all the other composite parts were updated  to increase the overall performances. The new special graphite materials has also been used for the suspension parts.
The upper deck and main chassis has been redesigned to increase the rigidly and optimize the balance of the car. 
While the updates may seem minor and conservative they are actually introducing many important improvements in all areas.

During the initial release, the RTC system will be bundled together for FREE. However, it is on limited offer only. Please contact us to reserve your unit to get this fantastic offer.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Design Philosophy of Yokomo YZ-4 SF

By now many of you awaiting the release of the all-new #YZ4SF have seen the many pre-order announcements but no official close-up shots. But as we wait for those close-up photos to become available, let us go over those teaser shots of the new diffs, height-adjustable housings and arms recently posted by project lead Shin Adachi
During the initial stages of development, some of the key features addressed by the team were 1) an efficient driveline, 2) easy access to the diffs, and 3) adjustable diff height.
Two key goals to achieve an efficient driveline were reduced rotational mass, and minimal center shaft angles. The new gear diffs feature a thin bevel ring gear with a center cut-out design to reduce weight, and the input gear designed for minimal mass as well. However both are made from steel so that strength and durability are not compromised. The center shaft angles throughout the driveline have also been reduced to a minimum, to eliminate as much driveline bind as possible. This helps to provide excellent power delivery, acceleration, and throttle response. Certainly a huge plus in the stock motor categories that have seen a big increase in popularity.
As you can see from the photos the diffs are enclosed in transmission housings to keep out dust and debris. The transmission housings mount into machined aluminum bulkheads, with easy removal to service the diffs.
Although adjusting diff height is a common tuning feature on today's on-road touring cars, no other shaft-driven 1/10th 4wd buggy has had this feature until now. With the increasing number of carpet and turf tracks worldwide, diff height adjustment will undoubtedly become an important part of dialing in your setup from low to high grip. The height adjusting cams are attached to the bearing holders on the housing to allow the entire housing to be raised or lowered, effectively raising or lowering the diff as well.
New lower suspension arms were also developed, with an improved plastic formula used for both increased stiffness and durability.
This covers just a few of the great new features on the #YZ4SF, with more details to be uncovered soon!

-from Team YOKOMO Facebook

Thursday, October 5, 2017

M.H. Kwan of Singapore joins Team YOKOMO Singapore

yes yes... he is a little bit camera shy... :-)  

We welcome Mr. M.H. Kwan to Team YOKOMO Singapore.  Kwan is an experienced RC drifter from Singapore and he has spent much time in racing regionally.  He is a well-liked fellow by the local community.  We are exicited to have the opportunity to work with Kwan to promote Yokomo products and support fellow drifters in Singapore.  

Kwan will share his experience and setting of the newly launched Team YOKOMO YD-2S PLUS soon. Please stay tuned.

Yokomo YZ-4 SF announced

Part No: B-YZ4SF

IFMAR World Championship model will be released in the end of October.  New released car is the shaft drive car with all brand new parts from the scratch.  This is the exact world spec machine which has already got multiple TQ and Win by driving our team drivers such as Ryan and Maifield(Sun City Classic) , Lee Martin(BRCA National series).  Also perfect won at Japan National 2017 this year. Yokomo engineering team released the proven performance car kit finally now.
Shaft drive 4WD system
Aluminum hard anodized main chassis
Aluminum F/R bulkhead, Diff height adjust capability
Aluminum suspension mount
Sus mount bush, capable for adjusting (Toe-in, Toe-out, Skid and Width) 
All new F/R sus arm/Hub carrier/Steering block
Sealed F/R Gear differential 
Front and Rear Differential and slipper crutch has light weighted for faster response
For the universal usage at Dirt/Carpet/Astroturf, multiple springs, stabilizer bars,and differential oil has standard bundled
Big bore X33 super low friction shock
Aluminum/Carbon floating servo mount
Clear body (J Concept)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Team Yokomo YD-2S Plus

Announcement for YD-2S Plus, RWD chassis kit
YD-2 is one of very popular chassis kit among RWD drift market, but now YOKOMO will release an additional version for the drifter who manage super slippy surface track.

The machine will be called as YD-2S Plus.

This specialized model is with high mount motor layout for increasing more rear traction. However, it is a special design and renew the layout of the motor itself to prevent from the weakness of the high motor mount.  In case of conventional high motor mount, a kind of sensitive on driving performance especially at the twisted corner section and also out of the corner, it will be less acceleration and more difficult in drive it.

Now YD-2S Plus is with new designed Gear box to suites for the ideal motor height, and also located the motor in a little back word for achieving more and more traction for the forward move.
Also the main chassis are carbon made new design and will not have top deck, but composite side plate will support it for more rigid. (conventional upper deck will be also able to mount on as option), hence this machine enable more stable steering control in prevent from too much front weight shift while at pitching move on machine.

The mounting battery will be limited to shorty, but possible to select either vertical or horizontal and possible to mount on forward or back in horizontal mount for the perfect on weight shift performance character.

YD-2S plus is the middle range price model, but will be an single choice for performing the best drift at low traction track, it is super nice chassis role as well as high rigid for the aggressive drive on drifting.

It is expected to be released early October 2017. Please kindly contact us for further information. 


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