Saturday, February 6, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Dear Friends and Customers,
We wish our Chinese friends a very Happy Chinese New Year.
And to everyone a Happy Holiday!

Our office and shop will be closed from 8th to 11th February.  Operation will resume on 12th February 2016.


Team YOKOMO Malaysia

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New YOKOMO YZ-2 announced.

Team YOKOMO has announced a further improvement to the very successful YZ-2.  It comes in 2 different configurations to cater for different surfaces.

(1)   YZ-2CA  (Carpet and Astro Turf)  

New designed 3 gear transmission has applied for Carpet special configuration.
Long suspension arm, and light weight body will promise the smooth control drive on
high grip surface condition

[YZ-2CA NEW Parts]
・3 Gear box for CA
・New Motor plate for CA
・New idler gear for CA
・New Main Chassis for CA/DA

(2)  YZ-2DT  (Dart)

New designed 3 gear transmission has applied for the dirt special configuration.
Ball differential and special selected composite shock tower will also capable of reducing
influence of drive reaction force on dirt. Gear cover is also standard for dust proof while at the race.

[YZ-2DT NEW Parts]
・3 Gear box for DT
・New Motor Plate for DT
・New Gear Box Support for DT
・New Rear Shock Tower for DT
・New Rear Upper Arm Mount for DT
・New Wing Mount for DT
・New Battery Plate for DT
・New Steering Arm Plate for DT
・Standard Gear Cover for DT
・New Main Cassis for CA/DT

Shipment expected to start early March 2016. Please contact us for details.

Friday, January 29, 2016

New Yokomo Charger in stock now

Battery Charge/Discharge Profiles
YZ-114PLUS can store up to 10 profiles for either charging or discharging in memory.

Terminal Voltage Control (TVC)
Expert users can set the end voltage for the charge process.

Internal Lithium Battery Balancer
YZ-114PLUS comes equipped with an individual-cell voltage balancer. Using an external balancer
for balance charging is not necessary.

Support for Balance Discharging
YZ-114PLUS can monitor and balance the voltage of each cell individually during the discharging
process. A safety feature will automatically stop the discharge process if any of the cells exhibits an abnormal voltage.

Support for Multiple Types of Lithium Batteries
YZ-114PLUS supports various lithium batteries including LiPo, LiIon, and LiFe.

Standard Equipped with LiHV Mode
YZ-114PLUS supports "LiHV" batteries; the new generation of LiPo batteries which have an end
charge voltage of 4.35 V.

Fast Charge and Storage Charge Modes for Lithium Batteries
YZ-114PLUS comes equipped with a Fast Charge mode to reduce charging times for batteries which
support fast charging. In addition, a Storage mode is available to adjust the final voltage of the battery to
an optimal level to extend the useful life of the battery while being stored.

Re-peak Mode for NiMH and NiCd Batteries
In re-peak mode, the charge will perform a peak charge on the battery 1 to 3 times in a row automatically.
This mode can be used to ensure that a battery will be fully charged.

Adjustable Delta-peak Sensitivity for NiMH and NiCd Batteries
YZ-114PLUS contains an automatic charging termination feature based on the delta-peak voltage detection principle.
When the battery's voltage exceeds the user adjustable threshold, the charging process will be automatically stopped.

Cycling Charge and Discharge Processes
YZ-114PLUS is equipped with automatic cyclic charge and discharge mode which can be performed 1 to 5 times in a row.
This process can be performed to refresh and balance the battery in order to stimulate its activity.

Automatic Charging Current Limit
With YZ-114PLUS, it is possible to set the maximum charging current for NiMH and NiCd batteries. This is useful for
charging NiMH batteries with low internal resistance and capacity while using the "AUTO" charging mode.

LiPo Battery Meter
YZ-114PLUS contains a battery meter that can be used to check the battery's total voltage, along with the highest and
lowest voltage along with the voltage of each of the individual cells.

Battery Internal Resistance Meter
YZ-114PLUS contains a battery internal resistance meter that can be used to check the battery's total internal resistance,
along with the internal resistance of each of the cells.

Charge Capacity Limit
An user-adjustable charge capacity limit can be set to automatically terminate the charge process when the set charge
capacity is reached.

Temperature Limit
Batteries warm up while charging and discharging. By using this feature, if the battery heats up to a set temperature
the process will be stopped. Note: Optional temperature sensor (Part No. YZ-114P-2) is required to use this feature.

Processing Time Limit
Using this feature, when the charge or discharge process takes longer than the set time, the process will be
automatically stopped.

Input Power
100240 V (5060 Hz)
1118 V
16 cells
115 cells
110 P (2~24 V)
Charge Current
0.11 A
1.16 A
Discharge Current
0.12 A
Balance Current
Max. 200 mA / cell
Trickle Current
Operating Modes
CHARGE, AUTO CHG, CYCLE (Chg→Dischg, Dischg→Chg), Repeak (13 times), Discharge
Charge, Discharge
Charge Voltage
Delta peak detection
2.4 V/cell
(STORAGE mode)
3.80 V / 3.70 V / 3.30 V / 3.90 V
(per cell)
Peak detection
515 mV/cell (Default: 4 mV/cell)
Interval time between cycles
160 minute(s)
Charge Time Cutoff
1720 minute(s), OFF (Default: 120 minutes)
Capacity Cutoff
10050000 mAh, OFF (Default: 5000 mAh)
Memory Profiles
Maximum of 10 profiles for charge/discharge
Battery Voltage Measurement
Available for LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV
Reverse Protection
Standard equipped
Internal Resistance Measurement
Use of main and balance ports
PC connection and firmware updates
USB Charging
5V 2.1A (±5%)
DC Input Voltage Protection
Low Voltage Alarm
High Voltage Alarm
Charge Power
AC/DC Input
50W (±10%)
40W when USB output used
Discharge Power
Cooling Method
Air-cooled by internal fan
Operating Environment
Temperature: 040       Humidity:080%
Storage Environment
Temperature: 1060     Humidity: 2070%
128 x 64 LCD with backlight
552 g
150 mm(length) × 145 mm(width) × 80 mm(height)

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hobby Haven Malaysia Blog: Thaipusam holiday

Hobby Haven Malaysia Blog: Thaipusam holiday: copyright of Creative Commons Dear Friends and Customers, Our shop will be closed on 25th January 2016 in honor of the Thaipusam fes...

Monday, January 18, 2016

New Suspension Block for BD-7 series

Yokomo have released a new option part for the BD7 - 2016. A new aliminium suspension block for the front rear that the team have had considerable success with at recent events, AOC, ETS and the DHI cup last week. The team have advised the new block has increased steering response as well as changed the flex charachteristics and improved corner speed. The block will be suitable for medium to high traction surfaces.

Product code : B7-3127FR
Product name : Aluminum Front Suspension Mount for BD7 (FR 42.7mm)

Product code : B7-3135FR
Product name : Aluminum Front Suspension Mount for BD7 (Rear side 43.5mm)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Team YOKOMO YD-4 details

Part No: DP-YD4
Release date: end January 2016

Team YOKOMO has shared more information on the upcoming YD-4. A new high performance drift machine that offers superb performance without hop-ups.

 In Team YOKOMO's own description: "Stylish" driving style requires the chassis to be controllable under all conditions. Tanso (Single/Solo) runs that are performed at your near limits and Tsuiso (Tandem/Battle) runs where you aim to match your opponent all require you to put your machine under your control, which becomes a key point in improved performance, says R&D chief and Team Yokomo Drift Leader Matsuzaki Hayato. Placing the center of mass low, and towards the center of the chassis allows for quick initiations and drift angle stability, while the drift specific suspension and steering rack (Steel Construction) allows for more line tracing freedom.

The extra wide nerf wing is a First for YOKOMO.

The front suspension utilizes a rigid ‘H’ arm. It increases steering response and line trace accuracy, preferred by expert drivers. Standard ‘H’ arm type suspension tends to have steering angle limitations and clearance issues compared to an ‘I’ arm. The YD-4 resolves this issue with an exclusive suspension arm that has a compact hub carrier. Its 55 degree maximum steering angle is the highest in its class.

The steering block is a narrow scrub type to achieve neutral steering feel. The block also has enabled movement close to that of an actual car to achieve a more realistic drifting style.

The slide steering rack system, capable of precise Ackermann geometry while holding a large steering angle, is precision made steel construction, supported by bearings on eccentric posts for fine clearance adjustments and limits wheel play to a minimum while steering.

 By gathering most of the mass towards the center of the chassis, excess momentum while pivoting is reduced. This allows for sharp drift initiations and transitions, while maintaining high stability and control-ability in a drift. In addition to the pictured shorty LiPo, A simple change of the battery holder location allows for use of a standard size LiPo (Square/Round).

Although it uses gears common to the Drift Package series in the front and rear, the gear cases have been redesigned to allow the center of mass to be dropped by 2mm. (When compared to the DP) The shock tower also sits lower but the new body post design allows for the rear shocks to be mounted vertically. The shock spring retainers are also redesigned to allow for long springs. A sharp yet supple driving style is achievable.

Key Features
■High precision carbon double deck chassis
■High mobility due to a low center of mass construction
■Fully enclosed gear box shaft drive 4wd
■Centrally location mass to improve performance
■Highly rigid front and rear H arms that retain high steering angle
■Optimized steering and Ackermann with a steel slide rack system standard
■Front KPI narrow scrub knuckle
■High precision 4mm carbon shock towers
■Standard and short size LiPo compatibility

Designed by the talented Matsuzaki Hayato.

Pre-order is opened now. Please contact us for more details.


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