Thursday, September 18, 2014

Team YOKOMO BD7 2015 announced

Team YOKOMO has announced a new BD7 2015 right before the Worlds next month.  However, no details were shared at the moment.  However, we can be rest assured that the new car will be even better than the outgoing model based on the constant development by Team YOKOMO, led by Umino.

Please continue to watch this blog for updates.  The news is cooking........

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Detailed information on the release of DIB ver. RS Blue Edition

Yokomo is introducing the Drift Package DIB ver. RS Blue Edition, a luxurious version of the molded-plastic chassis DIB ver. RS which comes standard equipped with luxurious high-rigidity blue-anodized aluminum grade-up optional parts.

The DIB ver. RS Blue Edition is based on the molded composite chassis which gives its high traction characteristics, and is distinguished by being standard equipped with high-rigidity aluminum front/rear and center aluminum bulkheads giving rise to better response and sharper drive handling.

Clamp-type aluminum wheel hex hubs which allows high-precision wheel attachment which maximizes traction feeling. Furthermore, the DIB ver. RS Blue Edition is compatible with many optional parts available for the DIB series. (ESC mount excluded.)

● Belt-driven 4WD system
● High-rigidity aluminum front/rear and center bulkheads
● Improved stability with in-line layout placing components to the centerline of the chassis
● 2-belt drive system which provides superior control
● Front midship motor layout
● Ackermann steering which allows full-counter drifting
● Multi-turn springs optimized for drifting
● Turnbuckle tie rods and upper arms
● Front/rear universal shaft
● Clamp-type aluminum hex wheel hubs
● High-precision aluminum motor mount
● Full ball bearings
● Compatibility with a wide range of Drift Package DIB optional parts (except for ESC mount)

DIB Ver. RS Blue edition announced!

Team YOKOMO has announced a revised version of DIB ver. RS - Blue edition. It has more aluminum parts compared to the original ver. RS.

Expected released date: end Sept 2014

More images:

Please contact us for details.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Race Calendar on our Web Site

Dear Friends and Customers,
We have uploaded a calendar to list down races, especially EP Touring and Drifting, on our Hobby Haven website.

We will try to complete the list as much as possible. Please feel free to let us know your event if we have missed out your event.  Kindly email us at our company mail

Calendar Direct Link:!calendar/c8bg

You can click on the title of the event to show details.

Team YOKOMO shares how to prepare 1/12th tires

Saturday, September 6, 2014

New FCD Gears for YOKOMO Drift Package series

After the announcement during the Shizuoka Hobby Show, Team YOKOMO has finally releasing the new FCD gears to cater for fine tuning the CS ratio.

By changing drive ratio between the front and rear drive, drifters can alter the CS actions to achieve the desirable balance of the car.  The different ratio is illustrated in the charts below:

FOR FCD x0.76

FOR FCD x0.88

The Products:

Part No: D-143
FCD Gear (Front × 0.76) for DRIFT PACKAGE Series Ball differential

Part No: D-145
FCD Gear (Front × 0.88) for DRIFT PACKAGE Series Ball differential

Part No: D-144
FCD gear (Front ×0.76) for DRIFT PACKAGE series Front one-way/Solid axle

Part No: D-146
FCD gear (Front ×0.88) for DRIFT PACKAGE series Front one-way/Solid axle

The products would be in stock really soon. Please contact us for details.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Team SUZUKI universal bone for DRIFT PACKAGE/D-MAX (50mm/use for TS-2129)

Team Suzuki has released new 50mm balanced universal dog bone.  It is to be used with wider arm setup.

Please contact us for details.


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