Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Team YOKOMO B-MAX4III Factory Kit

Part No: B-MAX43GF 
Limited edition

Factory kit is the advanced version of  B-MAX4III which is the same configuration of our winning race at Euro and AOC Championship, comes with Aluminum light Weight Main Chassis, Titanium Turn Buckle, Graphite Center Mount Plate and capable for Short Lipo Battery mount. This high-end car kit will enable the customer for a variety of set up at any kind of surface condition.

[Product feature]
*Aluminum light weight main chassis (Short Lipo mountable)
*large sized X shock version 2
*High precision shock piston
*Titanium court shock shaft
*Aluminum shock cap ball
*Large sized Triple slipper clutch
*Titanium turn buckle
*F/R Metal bevel gear differential
*Aluminum upper arm mount
*Graphite center mount plate
*Graphite center link support
*Aluminum rear hub carrier (0 degree)
*4mm thick Graphite front dumper stay
*3.5mm thick Graphite rear dumper stay
*Aluminum high rigid suspension mount
*Light weight forward cabin body

Monday, December 15, 2014

YOKOMO new 2WD buggy: YZ-2

Yokomo YZ-2   : 1/10th-scale EP 2WD Offroad Competition Kit

Yokomo is introducing the all-new YZ-2, a state-of-the-art 1/10th-scale EP 2WD offroad competition mid-motor chassis kit, engineered from the ground-up for today’s racing environment and designed to deliver leading-edge developments to offroad enthusiasts, all while offering a luxurious feel by featuring black-anodized aluminum parts with chamfered edges for select components.

Part No.: B-YZ2

In recent days, offroad racing has seen a shift toward high-grip surfaces; use of astro, carpet and even high-grip dirt has become more and more prevalent. Last year’s World Championships was held on a dirt track where the surface was covered with sugar water to increase the grip. With these developments in the offroad racing scene, the YZ-2 was designed from the ground-up to perform its best in today’s high-speed, high-grip race tracks. By employing a super-low center-of-gravity motor mount and gearbox, the YZ-2 has realized an unprecedented weight balance never seen before in offroad racing cars, resulting in dramatically reduction of traction rolls on high-grip surfaces, and improved overall stability of the car. An innovative steering design where the wiper swing action is directed toward the rear of the car affords a more direct steering response compared to conventional designs. The hard-coated, low-friction anodized aluminum cylinders leads to smoother shock absorbing movements which allows better driving characteristics. Also, quick alignment adjustments can be made without the need of optional parts by replacing the bushings of the front hub carrier and rear suspension mounts, a quality that can be an advantage in adapting quickly to various track conditions. Everything about the Yokomo YZ-2 has been designed to provide an advantage for racers in today’s offroad racing scene.

More pictures:

●Super-low center-of-gravity motor mount and gearbox ●Variable skid angles (0, 2.5, 5 degrees) by replacing the bushing of the front hub carrier ●Variable toe-in and skid angle by replacing bushings of the rear suspension arms ●Newly-designed aluminum steering rack ●Aluminum rear suspension mount ●Aluminum front upper arm mount ●Aluminum front suspension arm mount support ●One-piece aluminum main chassis ●Support for both stick and shorty LiPo batteries ●Carbon graphite battery plate ●Dual-pad slipper clutch ●Aluminum front and rear hex wheel hubs ●4mm-thick carbon graphite front and rear shock towers ●Low-friction, hard-anodized shock cylinders ●Newly-designed forward-cabin racing body

Please contact us for details.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Team Yokomo Malaysia @ MNC 2014 Final Round

Team YOKOMO Malaysia has participated in the recent MNC 2014 final round which was held in Titiwangsa track.

We managed to captured 5 spots in the A main Mod class, with finishing results of TQ, 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 10th.

A Main Modified Class
1 Azri Amri                 YOKOMO BD-7 2015
2 KokWai Wong  
3 Shahrin                     YOKOMO BD-7 2015
4 Norazam
5 Michael Lim
6 Nik Ejan                   YOKOMO BD-7 2015
7 Azhar J                     YOKOMO BD-7 2015
8 Heikal Bahrin
9 Jacky Siow
10 Baby Boy               YOKOMO BD-7 2015

And our Team YOKOMO Malaysia veteran, Mr. C.K. Yap, managed to finished a respectable 2nd in the highly contended A main Super Stock Class. Congratulation!

Congratulations to the TEAM!!!!! Thanks for your support!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Short Arm Conversion kit announced for BD7-2015

After much anticipations, Team YOKOMO has made available the conversion kit.

Part No: B7-SACF
Front Short Arm Conversion Kit
Block included: B7-3172B

Part No: B7-SACR
Rear Short Arm Conversion Kit
Blocks Included: B7-3179N and B7-3187B

 Optional items:

Part No: B7-3194B
to make 3 Deg rear toe in

Part No: BD-008FS
Front Short Arm

Part No: BD-008RS
Rear Short Arm

We will be receiving the item soon. Please contact us for details.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

PRE-YIDM KL League @ 21st December 2014

Dear Drifters,

Pre-YIDM 2014 (last round) KL League will be happening this month @ South City Plaza. Organised by RC Station.

Date: 21st Dec 2014
Entry : RM80.00 (free T-shirt)
Class: Super Expert & Expert class
Prizes - lucky draw 
Trophies for winners

Guest Judge: Mr. Amandio from Indonesia (Professional D1 driver).

together with Billy

Please come and join the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please contact us for details. Or check out the Facebook event page at:

Maps to South City Plaza

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Updated YOKOMO F1 car kit available

New and updated Team YOKOMO YRF-001W F1 car kit available now with updated suspension system.

The revised suspension improved the cornering abilities with controlled rolling effect.

It comes standard with standard and extended width front suspension arm for both rubber and foam tires application.

Please contact us for details.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Limited Edition Drift Package IMADOKI ALPHA is sold out!

Team YOKOMO has advised that the limited edition of the Drift Package IMADOKI ALPHA is sold out. Thanks for your support.

We would have to wait for the newer model which is scheduled to be released in January 2015.

Here are the pictures of IMADOKI ALPHA


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