Monday, April 14, 2014

Team YOKOMO clean swept Pre-IFMAR Worlds

Team YOKOMO had a clean sweep of A Main 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th positions at the recent IFMAR Warm Up event.

2014 IFMAR ISTC Pre-worlds TOP10 Result
TQ&Champion Ronald Volker YOKOMO BD7-2014
2nd 松倉直人 YOKOMO BD7-2014
3rd Meen Vejrak YOKOMO BD7-2014
4th Marc Rheinald tamiya
5th Jilles Groskamp tamiya
6th Alexander Hagberg xray
7th 松崎隼人 YOKOMO BD7-2014
8th Elliott Harper durango
9th Viktor Wilck tamiya
10th Andy Moore HB
Congratulations to Team YOKOMO ! It is definitely a confidence boost to the Team.

UP GARAGE Falken 86 Drift Body Shell

We are pleased to announce the new D1 version of UP GARAGE Falken 86 body shell to be available by end of April 2014.

Part No: SD-UF86BS (Body Shell)
Part No: DP-UF86 (Drift Package Kit)

Please contact us for further details.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yokomo International Drift Meeting: Danial will be EMCEE @ Bagi Special Round 2014

Yokomo International Drift Meeting: Danial will be EMCEE @ Bagi Special Round 2014: We are pleased to announce Mr. Danial will be our EMCEE for this coming event.

Rules for Pre-YIDM South Malaysia Bagi Special Round 2014

Rules and Regulations

 1. All participants are only permitted to use 1/10 scale 4WD electric RC cars with Counter-steer setup (rear overdrive). The chassis can be either belt-driven or shaft-driven.
2. Chassis weight will not be limited.
3. All cars must observe minimum ride height of 5mm ground clearance.
4. With counter-steer setup, any gear ratios are permitted.
5. Any types of ESCs are allowed.
6. All battery brands and capacity of Li-Po (2 cells), Ni-MH and Ni-Cd (6 cells, 7.2V) are allowed.
7. Motors: Open to all brands.  Must use only 10.5R Brushless Motors.
8. All participants must only use the supplied control drift tires (ZR-DR05). Any types of YOKOMO wheels are allowed.
9. All participants must only use Yokomo 1/10 scale drift body shells while competing whereby the bodyshell must be painted. Any types of add-on body kits, spoilers, wings, lighting and stickers are allowed.
10. Judges and organizer reserve the right to disqualify participants who do not abide to the rules and regulations set mention above.

Class of Competitions

1. Yokomo Cup class Top 16
-open to the top 16 drifters of the day who use Yokomo chassis with the YOKOMO B.I.M.S. security stickers only.

2. Expert Class Top 16
3. Sport Class Top 16
- Both classes open to drifters using all make of chassis.

4. TENDAM class:
- Minimum 3 cars per team
- Entry fees: RM10 per car
- Special prizes: Hampers and Trophies for the top 3 Teams

5. Best body shell contest
- open to all participants!

Special note: Overseas drivers (participants not from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore) are exempted from the requirement of Yokomo B.I.M.S. stickers.

For more details and questions, please visit the following link:

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Wing Holder for BD-7

Team Yokomo has announced a new option to have the tricked out look for the tool that holds down the rear wing.

             Part no: B7-110

Please contact us for details. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

YZ-PS1 Yokomo Power Station

We have received the motor break-in machine. Suitable for brushed motor of the Mini 4wd as well as the 1/10th 540 series brushed motors. 

●input voltage:AC100V~240V
●output voltage :2.0V/3.0V/4.0V
●highest output amp:4A
●over voltage protection 

Available now at Hobby Haven. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Yokomo RP M Series Brushless Motor

Yokomo Racing Performer M Series Brushless Motor is coming this week.

Please contact us for details.


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