Saturday, June 24, 2017

Adjustable Front SP Steering Block for YD-2 series

Part No: Y2-415SA

This new steering block will update your YD-2/Plus/EX enable to be adjustable kingpin steering angle by separated block design to insert 0.5mm/1.0mm spacer. The neutral angle is +1 degree, in adding 0.5mm spacer kingpin angle will be increased by 1.0 degree.

The optional Aluminum stopper pin will keep the exact position in maximum angle and prevent from the reverse joint at steering tie rod for more smooth and consistent drifting action.

Please contact us for details.

40T pulley conversion kit for Yokomo BD8

Part No: B8-S40TC

This new conversion kit is intended for stock racing however any class would benefit from this upgrade. By replacing the current 34T pulley with the 40T the car will feel more balanced and gain overall efficiency. The key feature is more traction, higher corner speed and smoother throttle response for a more consistent car which will lead to lower lap times.

Please contact us to reserve your conversion kits.

New Release of Yokomo BD-8 stock class kit


This new car kit are intended for the driver who race at stock category. The key feature is replace with larger pulley 40T from standard 34T to increase more drive efficiency and optimize the chassis role balance to fit with stock motor power.

Also the PCS (Pitch Control System) is included as standard configuration for increasing the chassis stability for more higher speed at the corner and easy lead to the top speed at corner exit. Meanwhile, steering response will be more mild feelings for ease of drive at the technical track layout. Average lap time will be improved, but your car will become very consistent at any race and track surface.

Please contact us for details.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Rear A-Arm Suspension Kit for YD-2

New release: Rear A-Arm option for YD-2 series

Part No: Y2-RAC

This suspension kit will update your YD-2 with A-arm in rear section. The kit consist of Aluminum shock tower, Upper arm holder, Aluminum upper A arm which make your YD-2 more rigid and provide more variable setting including toe control.

By adapting this professional kit, the customers will be able to enjoy the freedom/variety of setting on rear suspension. Meanwhile, it will require proper skill and knowledge to find the best setting. 

The upgrade kit will be available locally soon. Pre-order has started. Please contact us for detail.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Team Yokomo Racing Performer series of Lubricant

Racing Performer Ultra Thrust/Joint Grease
Formulated for use in thrust bearings and universals it helps to give a smooth feel under all conditions. This new formula is designed to work at high temperatures and high rotational speeds without spreading.  Best in use on thrust bearing and universals on your car. It will provide super smooth function under the high pressure, and will not spread out under high centrifugal force and high heat resistance.

Racing Performer Ultra Diff Lube
New formula with a specifically designed viscosity to guarantee smooth feel in high
traction applications and extended life of the ball differential.  Specially considered the viscosity. Smooth function for high traction and less damage on long time use. Possible to keep ball diff in good condition long time.


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