Thursday, October 20, 2016

Aluminum Wheel Hub for YD-2

Team YOKOMO has released more option parts for YD-2.

Product Name : Aluminum front 8.00mm crump wheel hub
Product Code :  Y2-011CB

Aluminum front 8.00mm crump wheel hub which enable more solid drive feel with higher angle on higher than the standard parts. This is a solid parts for high skill drivers.

Please contact us for details.

Graphite Main drive shaft for YD-4MR

Team YOKOMO has released a new option to further enhance the YD-4MR.

Product name :  Tubular Graphite Main Drive Shaft for YD-4MR
Product code :  Y4-644GMR

The high rigid cross carbon graphite material has applied on this light weight shaft and will enable
to increase the steering response since this prevent from the reducing response and driven loss

due to the twist on drive shaft.

Please contact us for details.

Monday, October 17, 2016

New Drift Tires from Team YOKOMO

Yokomo is pleased to release new Drift tire for serious competition purpose for in use of both RWD and AWD.

For Asphalt These polycarbonate tires focus on both performance and design.  By reducing the weight of the tire, we were able to achieve greater control and smoothness while drifting. The shoulders of the tires are cut as well, giving you more fender clearance to achieve that stylish, flush, look.

Product name :  Drift competition tire for asphalt DRA
Product code : ZR-DRA

For Carpet/Polished Tile These HDPE tires have a flatter surface compared to the asphalt variant.  By increasing the contact patch these tires let you drift on carpet/polished tile with an increased sense of grip and driving performance.

Product name :  Drift competition tire for carpet/P-tile DRC
Product code : ZR-DRC

Please contact us for information.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Team YOKOMO BD8 conversion kit

Yokomo will release the BD8 conversion kit for the customer who currently uses BD7-2016.

The followings are the information in detail.

  • Graphite or Aluminum Main chassis
  • Suspension Mount and Spacer
  • Motor mount
  • Solid Axel, Drive cup
  • Main gear shaft
  • Center pulley
  • Belt tensioner cum set
  • DP64 114T Spur Gear
  • Front and Rear Belt
  • Aluminum Servo Mount
  • Graphite upper deck
  • Double joint universal
  • 4 degree Front ST HUB, Steering block, Rear hub carrier
  • On peace suspension mount
  • Suspension mount spacer and bush
 Please contact us for details.

Team YOKOMO BD8 Release Information

Team Yokomo’s newly crowned World Championship winning BD8 platform is due for release at the end of October.   The new car compromises many refinements and improvements to its BD7 successor, as well as some of the same, including the following. 

  • New Centre Aligned Front Belt System,
    • the front belt now runs up the middle of the car which improves the car’s balance as well as smoothness during on-power acceleration.
  • Large 22T Centre Pulley,
    • the centre pulley has been changed to allow the front and rear belt to run off the same pulley, providing a longer wear for front and rear belts whilst also offering improved acceleration.
  • Bush / Insert Suspension Blocks,
    • Yokomo have now moved to the bush / insert style suspension blocks, which allows customers easier toe adjustments, the new blocks are also lower which further improves the car centre of gravity.
  • New Motor Mount / Flex System,
    • The new car carries a smaller motor mount design, which has moved the motor forward inboard (Centre) to increase the cars overall balance, the new motor mount also has new screw placements underneath the chassis which will improve the cars overall grip and corner speed once again. 
  • New lightweight graphite plastics ,
    • The BD8 will compromise of all new plastic parts, including, Suspension arms, Front Caster Blocks and Knuckles, as well as rear hubs. The new plastics improves the cars performance in a range of different conditions. 
  • New Servo Mount Design,
    • The new servo mounts runs further up the centre line of the chassis making a slight adjustment to the flex characteristics of the car. The new servo mount will also now be a standard item in the new car. 
  • Front Double Joint DCJ’s,
    • Yokomo’s high-quality front DCJ’s will also remain a standard feature in the new kit.
  • Bulkhead X Braces,
    • A feature which will carry over from the BD7, is the ability to run the X braces, which gives drivers more tuning options in different conditions. 
  • Big Bore SLF 2 Short Shocks,
    • Yokomo’s big bore high capacity shocks which also carry a low COG design will be carried over to the new car. 

Please take note, Team YOKOMO BD8 will include the following 2 items as standard equipment. They are no longer an optional item which makes BD8 a fantastic deal.

We will be bringing in the Graphite Chassis version which is more suitably for our environment here.  We accept pre-order. Expect release date is end of October 2016.  

Please kindly contact us.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Team YOKOMO YD-4MR released

Release notes from Team YOKOMO:
Our flagship AWD drift chassis the YD-4 achieved its first victory at the D1:10 World Championships in Holland 2015, proving its amazing capability on any type of surface or track layout.

It has continued to dominate at events around the world since its release last year.   However, we recognize the variety of drifting styles and skills that are required for different size and different characteristics of each track and your specific needs.

The YD-4MR was developed using feedback from some of the world best drivers and allows you to drive a mid-motor option of the original YD-4.

The YD-4MR will be available in a full kit or as an optional extra upgrade package for existing YD-4 owners

The mid mount motor gives different weight transfer characteristics still with the LCG design in mind.  It also improves the high speed snap/transition on high grip surfaces such as carpet. Compared to the standard layout of the YD-4 which has excellent stability and high traction as standard.

Designed for competition-minded drifters the YD-4 and YD-4MR. Our high quality carbon fiber is still used throughout the chassis, upper deck and shock towers just as the original YD-4.  The YD-4 series is a proven winner and now the mid motor option will allow this to continue pushing the boundaries of RC drift competition.

LCG design for quicker response and drift performance
Shaft drive 4WD with sealed gear box
High rigidity matt finish carbon fiber double deck chassis
Super low flex 4mm thick matt finish carbon fiber shock towers
Rear mid motor mount layout for dynamic weight shift and performance
Improved drivability by concentrating the weight mass in the center of the chassis
Maximum steering angle with reliable C-Hub design combined with low flex wishbones
Narrow scrub radius knuckles
Front one way included
FCD 1.3, Rear overdrive spool included
Alu slide rack steering system for perfect steering angle and Ackerman adjustment
Chassis accepts standard and shorty battery pack with no additional parts

Product Name : AWD Drift Chassis kit
Product Code :  DP-YD4MR

[Conversion kit]
Product name : YD-4 MR Conversion kit
Product code : DP-YD4MRC

Please contact us for details. Both products are opened for pre-order. Thanks.

New Gear Diff for BD7/8 series

Yokomo have released an updated gear differential unit which is co-usable at BD7-2016 and new model BD8.

An updated differential unit had already shown its durable performance with BD8 while at IFMAR world championship in Beijing, driven by Ronal Volker.

Product code : B8-500GS
Product name : Gear Differential Unit for BD8/BD7

Product code : B8-503GH
Product name : 34T Puley/Diff Case

Product code : B8-503GP
Product name : Bevel Gear Set

Please contact us for details.


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