Sunday, April 12, 2015


Our Reader, Kz RMM RC,has submitted some pictures of his Team YOKOMO Bmax-2 sprinting on the Taiping off road track.  He is an avid supporter of Team YOKOMO products and also a great supporter to the local events and hobbyists.  Thanks for sharing.

TAIPING - The name Taiping is made up of two Chinese characters 太 (tai - 'great') and 平 (ping - 'peace'). The discovery of tin deposits in the area in the 19th century attracted settlers from China, who were organised into two feuding groups around the Cantonese Ghee Hin(義興) society and the Hakka Hai San (海山) society. British intervention in the early 1870's put an end to the feuding and the town, which used to be known as Klian Pauh, acquired its present name. The British made Taiping the administrative centre for the state of Perak in 1875. The town served this function until 1937 when the state capital was moved to Ipoh.
The town sits on a coastal plain at the foothills of the Bintang Range. This topography is responsible for the copious rainfall for which the town is known. An umbrella is not needed though as most of the time; it is just a drizzle. Locals do not wonder whether it will rain on a particular day; they wonder what time it will rain.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Team YOKOMO Drift Body - GReedy R35 Spec-D

After much anticipation, Team YOKOMO has finally announced the release of the latest RC Drift Body Shell - GReedy R35 Spec-D.  We look forward to receiving the product early May 2015.

Please take note that this body shell comes with decals and muffler, etc parts.  According to Team YOKOMO, there is a lot of beautiful decals....

 Part No: SD-GR35BS

We are accepting pre-order. Please contact us for details.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Team YOKOMO aced EOS in Austria

Lee Martin aced both 2WD and 4WD at the recent EOS.  It is held in conjunction with the Austria’s largest modelsport show ‘Modellbau Wels’ 

Chassis focus on YOKOMO YZ-2

Congratulations to TEAM YOKOMO!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Yokomo International Drift Meeting: YIDM 2015 Fun Video

Yokomo International Drift Meeting: YIDM 2015 Fun Video: Sharing a video.........  #YIDM2015

Team YOKOMO BD7-2015 Carpet Spec Chassis Kit released

Part No: MRTC-BD715S

In following up to the recent success of Team YOKOMO, BD7-2015 is proven to be successfully in catering for all level of racing.  However, Team YOKOMO has announced the carpet spec after confirming the release of the JMRCA and ver. RS2.  The special carpet spec has included the following items:

Please contact us for more information.

More pictures

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Team YOKOMO BD7-2015 version RS2 announced

Part No: MRTC-BD7RS2

Team YOKOMO has confirmed the release of the popular RS version for the new BD7-2015 model.  It is an affordable model design for club racing.  It includes many aluminium parts which makes this model more attractive than the 1st generation of ver. RS.

Please contact us for information.

Team YOKOMO BD7 JMRCA Special Edition announced. - Limited Edition

Team YOKOMO has released a bonus model of the successful BD7-2015 touring car.  It comes with 3 additional items:
1. Floating Servo Mount
2. Titanium Turnbuckle Set
3. Front Double Joint UJ Set

With the 2015 racing season starting, Yokomo is introducing the BD7 2015 JMRCA Open Class Spec chassis kit, which includes a set of optional parts and serves as an optimal base for this year’s touring car racing season.

Based on the World Champion winning BD7 2015 chassis kit, the JMRCA Open Class Spec. kit includes a set of optional parts, carefully chosen from the actual optional parts used for competition racing by Team Yokomo drivers.

These parts enhances the performance of the BD7 2015 to create a true racing specification car, perfect for the JMRCA EP Touring Car Racing Open Class.

Part No: MRTC-BD715O
Release : Late March


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