Friday, January 5, 2018

Plastic Bevel Gear Differential for YD-2 Series

Part No: Y2-500GSA

It uses a lightweight plastic bevel gear and further adopts a newly developed aluminum drive cup to realise high response gear differential. The weight reduction reduces the flywheel effect, and it also exerts great effect in improving the motor performance of the machine. 

The drive cup is made of hard-coated aluminum and also prevents wear by attaching a plastic adapter to the dog bone side.

Please contact us for details.

Aluminum adjustable steering bell crunk set for YD-2

Part No. Y2-202V

It is a variable aluminum steering bell crank that can be used in common with the YD - 2 series.  Corresponding to the wide tread of the front which is the mainstream of recent RWD drift, we set the width of the tie rod pivot part of the center link right and left, and widely set the width of the Ackermann ratio range greatly. In addition, by pre-press fitting the bearings, unnecessary backlash is reduced. By reducing excess steering wheeling during running, it improves operability and hunting, which is a malfunction of the steering gyroscope, is less likely to occur, and as a result it is possible to set the gyro gain high. 

Driving stability increases dramatically.

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Yokomo Li-po Battery Safety Bag

It is Li-po safety bag made of incombustible material which we recommend to use when charging lithium polymer battery. In order to prepare for possible troubles at the time of charging, there are also many RC truck and race events which are required to be used, and especially when the Li-po battery ignites due to overcharge etc., high fire resistance We are proud of its capacity that can respond to expansion at the time of combustion by having a size that is sufficient for the battery. Velcro also uses a powerful wide type. According to the battery to be used, a large size bag for regular RC car full size battery and a small size bag for shorty Li-po in line up. We Yokomo consider safety as the top priority, and adopt special materials that are nonflammable on both sides of the bag and on the outside. In addition, something which sewn cloth stamped with notation or company name on the upper surface of bag is the popular product style, however Yokomo eliminated precautionary note burning under overheated condition, and made it unmarked.

YT-LSBS    Li-po Battery Safety Bag (Small)  22 x 18 cm
YT-LSBL    Li-po Battery Safety Bag (Large)   29 x 23 cm

Please contact us for details.

Monday, November 13, 2017

New Yokomo Transmitter Bag

Yokomo has announced the release of new multipurpose bag under the name of Transmitter bag.

This new bag is with protection pad to prevent from unexpected impact from the out side.  The inner size is enough for packing a transmitter and other small things such as spares and peripherals for enjoy RC. 

Yokomo logo is placed for both side as well as front side, and able to good combination with Yokomo RC bag YT-25PB4. 

Please contact us for details.

YD2S Composite Chassis version released

YOKOMO will release the new RWD car chassis kit YD-2S in middle of November.

This new YD-2S is the plastic composite version of YD-2 Plus (released in October) which has originally designed for low grip surface such as P-tile, concrete. The higher mount motor layout and 4 gear transmission with plastic one piece chassis will provide another type of flex point on chassis to perform more smooth and flexible drift feels for each drivers. Especially the front steering feels are the different, more roles on sideway and super natural drifting like real car.

Motor height are possible on 3 rotate position and 4 battery mount layout are enable the driver to enjoy the variety of set up. 

Pre-Order with special price has started. Please contact us for more information.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Announcement : YOKOMO BD8-2018

Dear Fans of Team YOKOMO

The long awaited refresh of the BD8 is finally here.  The press release from Team YOKOMO:

YOKOMO is released the new 1/10 scale EP on-road touring car kit 2018 edition:  BD8-2018
The 1/10EP touring car is one of the biggest and competitive market in the world.
Yokomo has been releasing BD series since 2014 and achieved the world championship in multiple occasions: in  2014 with the BD-7  and  2016 with the BD-8.
The 2018 updated BD8 model will be available at the end of October.
This new BD8-2018 is a further refinement of the previous model to push the limits further and be extremely competitive. 
In order to reduce the weight in the drive train the front spool has been redesigned with newly formulated resin and all the other composite parts were updated  to increase the overall performances. The new special graphite materials has also been used for the suspension parts.
The upper deck and main chassis has been redesigned to increase the rigidly and optimize the balance of the car. 
While the updates may seem minor and conservative they are actually introducing many important improvements in all areas.

During the initial release, the RTC system will be bundled together for FREE. However, it is on limited offer only. Please contact us to reserve your unit to get this fantastic offer.


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