Sunday, August 8, 2010

Volker TQ @ EFRA, France

Dear Yokomo Fans,

Ronald Volker has captured the TQ spot after qualifying rounds at the EFRA European Touring Championship which is held in France today.

He will start at the pole position today for the triple A main final heats.  Pruemper also made it into the A main to start at 7th position,  Wish them all the best in the finals.

Final qualifying standings
1. Ronald Volker (DE) – 0pts (Yokomo/LRP)
2. Elliott Harper (GB) – 5pts (Tamiya/Speed Passion)
3. Victor Wilck (SE) – 6pts (Tamiya/Speed Passion)
4. Jilles Groskamp (NL) – 7pts (Tamiya/Team Orion)
5. Andy Moore (GB) – 10pts (Hot Bodies/Nosram)
6. Marc Rheinard (DE) – 11pts (Tamiya/Speed Passion)
7. Yannick Pruemper (DE) – 12pts (Yokomo/Speed Passion)
8. Loïc Jasmin (FR) – 19pts (Tamiya/Team Orion)
9. Juho Levanen (FIN) – 23pts (Associated/LRP)
10.Marc Fischer (DE) – 27pts (Corally/GM)

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