Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Team YOKOMO YRF-001 swept F1 class in AllStar Speed Passion Championship 2013

Team YOKOMO Malaysia has done very well in the recent AllStar Speed Passion Championship 2013.

After TQ and won the Round 3 on its first debut, YRF-001 piloted by Mr. C.K. Yap, continued to TQ in Round 4 and finished a respetable 2nd in A main. Mr. Leonard Ong won the A main.

AllStar Speed Passion Championship 2013 Round 4
F1 Class
A main results:
1. Leonard Ong -YOKOMO YRF-001
2. Yap Chew Kong -YOKOMO YRF-001
3. Ismail
4. Wak
5. Simon Yew -YOKOMO YRF-001
6. Epin
7. Adam K
8. Zairy
9. Kow Jacq -YOKOMO YRF-001
10. Ilyas

A main 1st: Leonard

TQ and 2nd place: CK Yap

A main 5th: Simon

A main 9th: Kow Jacq

B main 3rd: Foong


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