Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mr. Yap of Team YOKOMO Malaysia won F1 class in AllStar Speed Passion 2WD Championship

Round 3 of Allstar Speed Passion Championship 2013 was concluded last Sunday.  Mr. Yap Chew Kong of Team YOKOMO Malaysia TQ and won the F1 class with the new YRF-001 F1 car kit on its first time out.

Congratulations to Mr. Yap!!!!!

Mr. Yap has always been a great YOKOMO fan and a great supporter.  The new YRF-001 has given him good confidence on its debut race.

Car Kit: YOKOMO YRF-001
ESC: Speed Passion Reventon Club Race ESC
Motor: Speed Passion Competition V3.0 17.5R Motor
Battery: Max Power 4200mah 70C shorty pack
Tires: Ride R-1 (F & R)

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