Friday, March 30, 2012

Masami sharing the recommended setup for Bmax2 in preparation of FEMCA

Masami and his team have been testing the Yokomo Bmax2 in Yatabe Arena. This is the venue for the coming FEMCA EP Offroad Championship.

He has shared the recommended setup for Bmax2.  Please click HERE to download.

He has offered further explanations to the setup.

Masami's test car

Google translate Big event "FEMCA CUP Off-Road in JAPAN" will be held at Yatabe Arena, according to the race team Yokomo is this was done at the local two-day test of the B-MAX2. Driver is the name of Naoto Matsukura 6, Masami Hirosaka, Tomoya Kimura heart, Keisuke Enomoto, Yasuyuki Hosoda total, of comfort Kikuchi. In the highest sense of stability from that, we will introduce the recommended setting was easy to handle.
 Situation on this day slightly lower grip, and then to Yatabe Arena was slippery impression.As setting the direction of addition to ensure the rear grip, now content with an emphasis on ease of use. How to join us to get FEMCA cup is, of course, to B-MAX2 is a national user setting please try us.

Please observe the placement of the ESC.  He utilised the shorty pack.  These lowers the centre of gravity and improves stability.

The gearbox is raised by 2mm. It changes the angle of the joint and the dogbone.  This increases the rear bite.

Masami has tried many different shock lengths, heights of upper arm. But he feels comfortable with the standard front setup.

The rear spring has been changed to "Green" version, and rear hub carrier has also been changed to BM-415R10, Aluminium Rear Hub Carrier with 1 degree Toe-in.

Thanks to Masami for sharing this tip.  Hope this has given some insights of how the Team tweaks the car to make it even better. Happy racing!

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