Thursday, March 29, 2012

Details on SSG Conversion Kit (D-102)

The decision to release a SSG conversion kit to bring the aging Drift Package platform is definitely a great news for many.  Drift Package has always been a best seller for Yokomo.  With this conversion kit, Yokomo is bringing in latest tweaks and improvement to the DP series.

Full list of the parts included in the kit. Do note the included Front One Way unit.

The new improved motor mount with cam adjustment.  It is improved with more adjustment width.

Note the upper composite plastic brace that connects the upper deck and rear gearbox. It provides better flexibility and improves traction.

The new steering bell-crank system provide better steering angle.

Team Yokomo decided to reduce the ratio of ackerman to make it more suitable for drifting.  The response is further enhanced with the included front one way diff.

The new chassis enhances the style and improves the handling.

The new castor block and steering block are included.

This is suitable for all range of shaft driven Yokomo drift package, as well as the MR4TC SD touring car.  Please kindly contact us for further details.  Thanks for viewing.

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