Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Masami in 8-hour-endurance touring car race in Japan

Masami participated in a recent Endurance race in Nagoya, Japan recently.

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The race was held on the track of Heaven R/C Shop in Nagoya, Japan.

Yes, it was 8 HOURS LONG!!!!!  Masami chose Yokomo BD-5 World Spec with 21.5T motor.  They have improvised the battery release system with velcro tape for quick change of batteries during the race.  Unfortunately, no photo shown....  They opt for 48DP spur and pinion for durability reason; Car ratio was 5.26:1. The objective was to minimize the frequency of battery change so that the team can have more track time than pit time.

After the race, the winning team was RCM.  The Yokomo team with Masami finished 2nd, and 3rd place was Paper Moon Team.

Any drivers looking for endurance races?  We have a few recently in KL but were only 3 hours each.  Now, we should make an 8-hour-endurance..... for Malaysian weather, I would suggest 12AM~7AM.  This would be a beautiful for endurance.  Agree????? Cheers!

source from InsideTY

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