Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Real Photo of Yokomo DRB - the new belt-driven drift car

Finally, the photo of the new drift car is available.  In fact, a few of it.

From first glance, it accepts STRAIGHT PACK, which is great news.  Upper deck is designed to have the carbon fiber plate connected to aluminum motor mount.

At the moment, the upper part of the motor mount is still in anodized silver.  Maybe it is still a pre-production unit.  Blue is Yokomo color. :-)  It uses SHORT front belt, and LONG rear belt. Look at the way the rear belt is being channeled to make way for the motor.

From the photo, it seems that it is using BD-5 suspension components, and not the latest Type-C components.  However, it has a new aluminium bell crank design.  Look at that SWEET angle!!!

Stay tuned for more updates.

Photos courtesy of Team Yokomo - Suzuki

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