Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is Naoto with TQ position at 1/12th Worlds - Amendments

Yes. Qualifying rounds are over and it is our favorite, Naoto Matsukura, who TQed with a commanding lead of almost 5 seconds ahead of his teammate, Ronald Volker, who qualified at the 2nd position.

The Top 10 qualifying positions are
TQ Matsukura Naoto 74 laps, 16:12:612
2nd Rheinard Marc 74 laps, 16:15:874
3rd Groskamp Jiles 74 laps, 16:21:488
4th  Volker Ronald 74 laps, 16:22:734
5th Ahomiemi Simo 73 laps, 16:08:781
6th Cyrul Josh 73 laps, 16:11:950
7th Fischer Marc  73 laps, 16:13:015
8th Herbert Keven  73 laps, 16:13:481
9th Harper Elliot 73 laps, 16:15:372
10th Lemieux Paul 73 laps, 16:21:897

Photos courtesy of RedRC

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