Friday, July 24, 2009

Young driving sensation and YOKOMO/NOSRAM driver Naoto Matsukura continues to impress the R/C world with his fast and consistent driving by winning his 3rd consecutive 1/12th JMRCA National title in a row.

Over the weekend the annual 1/12th JMRCA National took place in the Yatabe Arena in Tokyo. Despite the usual low grip conditions when running the 1/12th class on asphalt, this years race proved to be a tough challenge for all drivers with most drivers experiencing traction roll already from the first practice. In very close competition, YOKOMO/NOSRAM driver Naoto kept his cool and was able to take both the TQ spot and win and could add another JMRCA title to his CV for himself and YOKOMO/NOSRAM.

Last year YOKOMO/NOSRAM driver Naoto Matsukura became the youngest driver to ever win a World Championship title as well as the first World Champion using brushless technology! He won the 1/12th IFMAR World Championship in Thailand.

Source: Nosram

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