Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Yokomo YZ-2 DTM2 Released!

Yokomo's YZ-2DTM2 1/10 2wd Off-Road Racing Buggy was designed for low, medium, and hi-traction dirt surfaces. Using the DNA from the highly successful YZ-2DTM, we have increased the kits performance and durability. Yokomo's YZ-2DTM recorded a perfect result at the 2017 IFMAR 1/10 Electric Off-Road World Championships in China with Yokomo Factory Driver Ryan Maifield TQ and Winning the 2wd World Championship!
Also, Yokomo Factory Driver Lee Martin qualified 2nd and finished 3rd overall for a great team performance. Yokomo has used that winning formula to produce this updated YZ-2DTM2 kit with all the quality, performance, and knowledge from our World Champion Team. 

■ New Front Gull Suspension Arm/New HD 5.5mm ball end
■ New S3 Rear Suspension Arm/ New HD 5.5mm ball end
■ New Aluminum Center Link for Dirt
■ New High Precision Aluminum Steering Bell Clunk 
■ New Lightweight 3 pad slipper for Laydown 3 gear box
■ New Graphite Battery Plate
■ New Gear Box Support
■ J Concept F2 YZ-2 bodyshell/Aero S type wing

■ Tungsten Ball Differential

New designed Gull type Front Lower Suspension Arm, and Aluminum Steering Bell Clunk with new Aluminum Center Link has made for low traction surface usage. 
Also, release new Large size Rod End & Rod End Ball and Hard type Bulk Head will enable the driver for more higher cornering speed with more quicker steering response.

For further improvement of traction performance, reviewed the roll rigidity of the chassis, 
and newly designed the gear box support. As well as upgrading the traction performance, 
cornering performance is greatly improved.

S3 Rear Lower Suspension Arm could precisely transfer the power to the road and move 
the machine forward. New Rear Suspension Mount  enable the driver to change kid angle, toe angle,Height Adjust. New rear Suspension Mount enable us to change, Skid Angle, Toe Angle, Height Adjust by replacing the bushing of the mount part. A big advantage in a tight schedule during the race event.

We are expecting to receive this kit in Malaysia soon. Please contact us for details.

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