Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Team SUZUKI Brass made Suspension Holder for BD-8 and YD-2 series

[Product information]
TS-2149 YD-2/BD8 Brass Sus holder A (39.5~42.7mm) 
TS-2150 YD-2/BD8 Brass Sus holder B (43.5~46.7mm) 
TS-2151 YD-2/BD8 Brass Sus holder C (46.4~49.6mm) 

This new suspension holder has released under Team Suzuki brand. 
It is the same shape but made by brass for gaining more weight to be functioned as vehicle weight balance items. 
By replacing with the standard holder, 7 to 8g heavier than pure aluminum made holders. 
Generally, optional weight is intended for align with the racing regulation, but it will effects the vehicles weight balance as well. 
In case of conventional steel parts, it requires extra space for installing on main chassis. 
By installing this brass made suspension holder, saving the space on chassis and capable for more effective weight balance 
setting to installing more heavy weight items at the front and rear overhang section. 
Installation and setting are the same as the standard parts by replacing 5 adaptors to find the best settings.

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