Thursday, August 31, 2017

Team Yokomo YD-2S Plus

Announcement for YD-2S Plus, RWD chassis kit
YD-2 is one of very popular chassis kit among RWD drift market, but now YOKOMO will release an additional version for the drifter who manage super slippy surface track.

The machine will be called as YD-2S Plus.

This specialized model is with high mount motor layout for increasing more rear traction. However, it is a special design and renew the layout of the motor itself to prevent from the weakness of the high motor mount.  In case of conventional high motor mount, a kind of sensitive on driving performance especially at the twisted corner section and also out of the corner, it will be less acceleration and more difficult in drive it.

Now YD-2S Plus is with new designed Gear box to suites for the ideal motor height, and also located the motor in a little back word for achieving more and more traction for the forward move.
Also the main chassis are carbon made new design and will not have top deck, but composite side plate will support it for more rigid. (conventional upper deck will be also able to mount on as option), hence this machine enable more stable steering control in prevent from too much front weight shift while at pitching move on machine.

The mounting battery will be limited to shorty, but possible to select either vertical or horizontal and possible to mount on forward or back in horizontal mount for the perfect on weight shift performance character.

YD-2S plus is the middle range price model, but will be an single choice for performing the best drift at low traction track, it is super nice chassis role as well as high rigid for the aggressive drive on drifting.

It is expected to be released early October 2017. Please kindly contact us for further information. 

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