Monday, March 6, 2017

YOKOMO 2WD Touring Car Kit announced!

Part No: MRTC-YD2
Estimated arrival: Early April 2017

New from Yokomo comes their RWD YD-2TC, A 2WD touring car chassis.

The rear wheel drive chassis provides a superior handling experience encompassing greater smooth acceleration than traditional 4WD chassis due to less resistance than a 4wd chassis. 

The new chassis comes equipped with double wishbone suspension which improves traction and stability for the overall drive of the chassis. Another highlight is the super smooth newly designed steering system using H Arm and Aluminum center link.

This new car kit include a brand new designed Yokomo original touring car body, and tires. Yokomo released this car kit for the customer who would enjoy touring car race casually at club level.

Key Features
*190mm RWD touring car
*4 wheels independent double wishbone suspension
*High traction composite main chassis and upper deck
*Special Aluminum steering centre link
*4 gear sealed transmission
*Rear gear differential
*High-performance height adjust oil damper
*Aluminum motor mount plate
*Aluminum hex wheel hub
*Adjustable battery mount for shorty or standard size LiPo
*New original touring car body (including wing, masking, light decal)
*24mm medium narrow wheel
* New original grip tire

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