Saturday, February 11, 2017

Team Yokomo Racing performer D1 Motor

Yokomo will release a new Hyper RPM motor for drift category, Racing Performer D1 Motor.  D1 motor is designed for competitive customer at drift category and has been tested by Team Yokomo drift drivers. This new special drift motor will provide a prolong and rapid acceleration for a wide range of drifting style such as tight turn to a long straight high speed drift. For a single run, high response throttle will enable the driver to perform impressive driving skill. A large opened cooling hole will lower the motor temperature, and showing an aggressive appearance also.
Prepared the mostly used 3 kind of turns, 8. 5T,10.5 T,13. 5T. D-1 motor is the drift specific products which has most advanced competition scene at RC drift. 

8.5T – 10.5T  Asphalt & Carpet surface use
10.5T – 13.5T Tile & Color concrete surface use

Product name :  Racing Performer D1 Motor 8.5T
Product code :  RPM-D85
Product name :  Racing Performer D1 Motor 10.5T
Product code :  RPM-D105
Product name :  Racing Performer D1 Motor 13.5T
Product code :  RPM-D135

This new D-1 motor will be available in the end of March.

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