Monday, October 17, 2016

New Drift Tires from Team YOKOMO

Yokomo is pleased to release new Drift tire for serious competition purpose for in use of both RWD and AWD.

For Asphalt These polycarbonate tires focus on both performance and design.  By reducing the weight of the tire, we were able to achieve greater control and smoothness while drifting. The shoulders of the tires are cut as well, giving you more fender clearance to achieve that stylish, flush, look.

Product name :  Drift competition tire for asphalt DRA
Product code : ZR-DRA

For Carpet/Polished Tile These HDPE tires have a flatter surface compared to the asphalt variant.  By increasing the contact patch these tires let you drift on carpet/polished tile with an increased sense of grip and driving performance.

Product name :  Drift competition tire for carpet/P-tile DRC
Product code : ZR-DRC

Please contact us for information.

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