Monday, June 27, 2016

Announcement of BD7-2016 Japan Nats spec

Team YOKOMO is releasing a minor update to the very successful BD7-2016.  It is available in 2 variations:

(1)BD7-2016 Japan Nats Open Class Spec
(2)BD7-2016 Japan Nats Sport Class Spec

Both version have these in common:
・B7-201LS  Aluminum Steering Limitter Screw
・B7-FBTS16 Front Belt Tenssioner Set
・B7-3135FR Alu Front Suspension Mount (Rear/43.5mm)
・B7-8DF16  Diafram for SLF Short II
・B7-14525  SLF Short II Spring (Pink)
・B7-TBSA   Titanium Turn buckle set
・B7-202SS  Aluminum Steering Bell Crank
・B7-010RA  C-Clip Universal Chaft Assy (Alu 44.0mm bone/Rear 2pcs)

The difference:
Japan Open class spec is with new designed [Graphite hard main chassis] suits for large scale outdoor asphalt track in high grip condition.

Japan Sports class spec is with [High Traction Chassis] which could increase the Cornering force at the middle size out door low grip asphalt track.

Product Name : BD7-2016 Open Class
Part No: MRTC-BD716O

Product Name : BD7-2016 Sport Class
Part No: MRTC-BD716S

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