Thursday, March 17, 2016

Team YOKOMO Gyro set for RWD

YG-301 Steering GYRO

Yokomo released new option pars for 1/10 scale electric drift category.

‘YG-301 Steering Gyro’ is the electric component items for RWD drift RC cars, such as based on Drift package, SD-9, DIB, DPM and DPR and also other brand cars. This electric component items are capable for set up the proper gain from the transmitter side by using the 3rd channel mode at transmitter/receiver, therefore, the drivers are possible to set up the End point of Kirekaku for both right and left independently from Transmitter.

Proper set up on Gyro will be the key elements on RWD drift car set up and prevent from the problem on too much angle and shaking.  This options are able to apply for 1/10 scale formular car due to it’s compact size.

Please contact us for details.

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