Thursday, February 4, 2016

New YOKOMO YZ-2 announced.

Team YOKOMO has announced a further improvement to the very successful YZ-2.  It comes in 2 different configurations to cater for different surfaces.

(1)   YZ-2CA  (Carpet and Astro Turf)  

New designed 3 gear transmission has applied for Carpet special configuration.
Long suspension arm, and light weight body will promise the smooth control drive on
high grip surface condition

[YZ-2CA NEW Parts]
・3 Gear box for CA
・New Motor plate for CA
・New idler gear for CA
・New Main Chassis for CA/DA

(2)  YZ-2DT  (Dart)

New designed 3 gear transmission has applied for the dirt special configuration.
Ball differential and special selected composite shock tower will also capable of reducing
influence of drive reaction force on dirt. Gear cover is also standard for dust proof while at the race.

[YZ-2DT NEW Parts]
・3 Gear box for DT
・New Motor Plate for DT
・New Gear Box Support for DT
・New Rear Shock Tower for DT
・New Rear Upper Arm Mount for DT
・New Wing Mount for DT
・New Battery Plate for DT
・New Steering Arm Plate for DT
・Standard Gear Cover for DT
・New Main Cassis for CA/DT

Shipment expected to start early March 2016. Please contact us for details.

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