Monday, December 14, 2015

Imran gets his dream (RC Drift) car! A YOKOMO Drift Package

Our very own Imran, under the guidance of his father, has successfully captured 2 World Tennis Junior titles in Turkey recently.  His motivation was his father's promise of a RC Drift Car if he gains victory.

We were inspired by his story when we learned about the news from the Star newspaper.   We contacted Mr. Hazli, Imran's father, about our intention to present Imran a special gift.  We were so glad that our offer has been accepted.  We want to give Imran the best in RC drifting: a YOKOMO Drift Package.

The YOKOMO Drift Package SD car kit is combo with latest Drift body shell, GReedy R35 Spec-D Skyline

Car kit is assembled by our own Kow Jacq. And he shared the knowledge and operation tips with Imran.

On behalf of Hobby Haven, we wholeheartedly wish Imran, under the guidance of his terrific father, will continue to strive for higher goals and be the inspirations for many Malaysians.

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