Wednesday, June 3, 2015

RWD Steering conversion kit for Drift Package

I This conversion will increase the KIREKAKU (CS angle) and enable more wider adjustment for Ackerman angle.for tracing any surface on drift track.

Aluminum version (Pro201) will provide various selection of Pivot on Upper Arm, this will make more control for front tyre like and real car drifting.

The followings are the informaiton:-
RWD conversion for Drift Package PRO201
Product code : D-162P

RWD Conversion for Drift Package RS201
Product code :  D-162R

This conversion includes
Front Shock Tower (Aluminum or Plastic)
Upper Arm  (Aluminum or Plastic)
Upper Arm Support (Aluminum or Plastic)
Aluminum Lower Arm
Aluminum Narrow Scrub
Aluminum Long SteeringBellcrank


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