Thursday, January 22, 2015

Team YOKOMO Racing Performer series LiPo Battery

Team YOKOMO has announced the release of new RP range of LiPo batteries in February 2015.

The unique feature of having Positive + @ 5mm, Negative - @4mm connectors will help to prevent plugging the wire wrongly.

3 types of specifications are planned:

1. Part No. RPB-58RF
5800mah, 7.4V, 100C Standard square pack

2. Part No. RPB-48SF
4800mah, 7.4V, 100C Shorty pack

3. RPB-35E2F  (Note: both +/- terminals are 4mm)
3500mah, 7.4V, 100C Shorty Pack

Please contact us for details.

1 comment:

  1. The batteries are easily replaceable, so you can keep the unit itself and get new batteries as needed.smoke alarm batteries



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