Monday, December 22, 2014

Team YOKOMO Aluminum Chassis for BD7-2015

Team YOKOMO has announced the aluminum chassis for the new BD7-2015.  It is targeted at settings for high grip tracks like carpet and high traction tarmac tracks.  It is also a good tuning tool to neutralize the handling on low grip surface.

Part No: B7-00215A

Official announcement from Team YOKOMO

"Yokomo is introducing a new aluminum chassis for the World Championship winning Yokomo BD7 2015. Optimized for high-grip surfaces such as carpet, the new aluminum chassis effectively prevents traction rolls caused by over-grip and edgy tires, and also lowers the center-of-gravity to allow higher speed negotiations around corners, giving an edge that’s needed to reduce lap times, and stability needed to overtake competitors more reliably.

The competitive advantage of the aluminum chassis was demonstrated when it was used by Team Yokomo drivers in the final round of the Asian On-road Championship held on the carpet on-road track at Yatabe Arena, leading to an impressive result where the A-main was dominated by 7 drivers with BD7 2015s, with Ronald Volker taking the top spot. 

Furthermore, during the opening round of this year’s Euro Touring Series, once again, Ronald Volker was able to get 1st place with his BD7 2015 equipped with the new aluminum chassis.

The new aluminum chassis for the BD7 2015 is becoming a “must have” item for racing on carpet. Not only is the aluminum chassis highly functional and becoming an essential item when racing on high-grip surfaces, the attention to aesthetics has not been ignored. 

The aluminum chassis is black hard-anodized with chamfered edges to match the luxurious look of the BD7 2015 Black Series."

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