Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Team YOKOMO BD7 dominated JMRCA Sport Class 2014

We are pleased to share with our readers the great news from Japan.  Team YOKOMO BD7-2014 dominated the recent JMRCA All Japan Sport Class 2014 with 6 out of 10 in the A Main.

Congratulations to Team YOKOMO!

1町野 晃生YOKOMO BD7
2山根 五月 
3中村 一貴YOKOMO BD7
4林 裕之 
5松本 剛 YOKOMO BD7
6塩原 和幸 YOKOMO BD7
7栄田 祥吾 YOKOMO BD7
8酒井 雄土 YOKOMO BD7
9難波 省轄YOKOMO BD7
10池谷 励  

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