Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Detailed information on the release of DIB ver. RS Blue Edition

Yokomo is introducing the Drift Package DIB ver. RS Blue Edition, a luxurious version of the molded-plastic chassis DIB ver. RS which comes standard equipped with luxurious high-rigidity blue-anodized aluminum grade-up optional parts.

The DIB ver. RS Blue Edition is based on the molded composite chassis which gives its high traction characteristics, and is distinguished by being standard equipped with high-rigidity aluminum front/rear and center aluminum bulkheads giving rise to better response and sharper drive handling.

Clamp-type aluminum wheel hex hubs which allows high-precision wheel attachment which maximizes traction feeling. Furthermore, the DIB ver. RS Blue Edition is compatible with many optional parts available for the DIB series. (ESC mount excluded.)

● Belt-driven 4WD system
● High-rigidity aluminum front/rear and center bulkheads
● Improved stability with in-line layout placing components to the centerline of the chassis
● 2-belt drive system which provides superior control
● Front midship motor layout
● Ackermann steering which allows full-counter drifting
● Multi-turn springs optimized for drifting
● Turnbuckle tie rods and upper arms
● Front/rear universal shaft
● Clamp-type aluminum hex wheel hubs
● High-precision aluminum motor mount
● Full ball bearings
● Compatibility with a wide range of Drift Package DIB optional parts (except for ESC mount)

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