Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New BD7 option parts explained!

Umino of Team Yokomo has developed new option parts for the YOKOMO BD7.  He has provided description for the function of each items.

B7-S6ACAeration Shock Cap

These shock caps provide improved initial bump reaction, and may be well suited for bumpier tracks.
Adjusting the amount of oil and air allows the amount of rebound to be adjusted as well.

B7-413W2Front hub carrier 2 degree caster

Compared to the kit standard 4 degree front hub carrier, the 2 degree version will provide better initial steering response. Although suited for tight track layouts with many corners, in high-grip conditions where traction rolling is an issue, the increased understeer upon corner exit may help prevent traction rolling from occurring.

B7-413W6Front hub carrier 6 degree caster

Milder steering response than the kit standard front hub carrier, the 6 degree front hub carrier provides improved steering during corner exit, helping to reduce understeer. Very effective on high speed corners.

B7-SS05Suspension mount spacer (0.5mm, for 1 car)Available late April-early May
B7-SS08Suspension mount spacer (0.8mm, for 1 car)Available late April-early May
B7-SS10Suspension mount spacer (1.0mm, for 1 car)Available late April-early May

Convenient design allows the suspension mounts to be raised quickly, as neither the suspension mount nor screws need to be removed.

B7-003HHigh traction upper deck

Compared to the kit standard 2.0mm thick upper deck, this thinner version will help improve overall grip on low grip surfaces. However this upper deck can also be used to optimize chassis stiffness where speeds are regulated as in stock class racing, and even in high grip conditions.

These items are arriving our shores pretty soon. Please contact us for details.

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