Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yokomo Drift Worlds!

Team Yokomo Japan has annouced the World Cup. Details as follows:

Dates: December 15th and 16th, 2012 (Course layout will be changed on the 14th at 6:00PM)Location: Yatabe Arena Drift Grand Prix Course 4385-2 Midorigaoka Tsukuba, Ibaraki Japan


1) Eligible chassis: Drift Package series, Drift Racer (assembled kit), or any Yokomo 1/10 touring car chassis. Only Yokomo or Yokomo-approved brand optional parts may be used. Overall length(including body) must be 50cm or less. Width must be 22cm or less. Wheelbase must be 27cm or less.

2) Yokomo-approved brands: Team SUZUKI, RAY SPEED, ASSOCIATED, TN Racing, MIP, Team BOMBER, Welc, XENON Racing, Panaracer

3) Tires: Only Zero-One R2(ZR-DR04) tires may be used. No modifications allowed. Please mount the tires so that the YOKOMO PAT.P marking is visible to the outside. Mounting the tires in the opposite manner is not allowed.

4) Wheels: Only Yokomo Drift wheels may be used. Non-Yokomo wheels may not be used, but modifications to Yokomo Drift wheels is permitted.

As an exception, the RAYS Volk Racing GTF UENO MODEL(TE-RVR001006) wheels by T&E are allowed for use.

5) Motors: Yokomo drift motors only ? D1SPN(19T), D1SP(19T), D1R(27T), ZERO brushless(10.5T or higher). When using a brushless motor, a Yokomo or Nosram speed controller must be used (BL-R3 allowed).

6) Batteries: Yokomo batteries only.

7) Other: Drift assist systems, gyros, or any other electronic device that can be used as an automatic driving aid is strictly prohibited.

8) Body(main): Any Yokomo 1/10th scale Drift Package body. Modifications such as the addition of handmade plastic parts, addition of body part sections from other Yokomo bodies(of the same model or different model), and addition of bondo clay type modifications are allowed. However, the addition of body parts from non-Yokomo bodies, the addition of non-Yokomo aero parts, or handmade bodies are not permitted for use.

Body(non-main parts): Only Yokomo or Yokomo-approved wings, wing stays, mirrors, and mufflers may be used. Modifications to standard kit parts, Yokomo parts, or Yokomo-approved parts are allowed, but the addition of non-approved brand parts or handmade parts are not allowed. Double stacking of the wings, or using competition touring car or off-road polycarbonate wings is not permitted. The use of non-Yokomo electrical accessories is allowed.

9) Yokomo-approved brands: Team SUZUKI, RAY SPEED, ASSOCIATED, TN Racing, MIP, Team BOMBER, Welc, XENON Racing, Panaracer

For more details, please proceed to Team Yokomo.

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