Friday, November 30, 2012

Detailed release note of DIB Gun Metal version

Introducing the DIB Drift Chassis in Gun Metal!
Popular for its great balance and handling, a gun metal colored version of the belt-driven DIB drift chassis has been added to the line-up!
Sleekly color coordinated, the result is a high-class finish. A wide range of optional parts will also be released in the new gun metal color, from the upgrade conversions to the FCD units, all can be coordinated in the gun metal color. Experience the benefits of the inline layout with the quick handling and steep drift angles.

Main Features
● Inline layout that places heavy weight items and the main drive train components down the middle of the chassis
● 2-belt drive system for the ultimate in drivability
● Front mid-ship motor configuration
● Full counter steer compatible steering ackerman
● 45 degree steering angle
■SSG double-deck chassis
■SSG front and rear shock towers
■Front one-way and rear solid axle
■Precision aluminum motor mount
■Low-friction universal drive shafts(front and rear)
■Aluminum oil shocks
■Full ball bearings

Gun metal optional parts are also available!

DIB Upgrade Conversion 1 – Gun Metal
Product number:  IB-GC1G
Estimated shipping date: December 25, 2012
■Aluminum center bulkhead(front & rear)
■Aluminum center bulkhead(left & right)
■Aluminum rear tensioner mount
■Rear belt tensioner set
■Clamp type hex wheel hubs

DIB Upgrade Conversion 2 – Gun Metal 
Product number:  IB-GC2
Estimated shipping date:  December 25, 2012
■Aluminum bulkhead A x 2
■Aluminum bulkhead B x 2
■Aluminum front bulkhead cap
■Aluminum rear bulkhead cap

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