Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Recommended upgrades for BD7

The following list is the upgrades as recommended by Team Yokomo on Facebook.  The new car is a versatile touring car and can be catered for racing on different surfaces.

As many of you anxiously await the arrival of your new BD7 kits this week, here are some comments from Umino regarding the most commonly asked, "Which options parts do I need?".

However, since not everyone runs on the same surface conditio
ns, provided below are some recommendations based on the team's experience at both races and testing.

For medium grip asphalt/tarmac and low grip carpet tracks
- B7-203 Aluminum special servo mount
- BD-010 Front double joint universal shafts
Standard kit suspension arms are recommended, as for these surface conditions the kit arms allow the car to be more compliant, and provide easier drivability.

For high grip asphalt/tarmac and high grip carpet tracks
- BD-008FG Graphite front arms
- BD-008RG1 Graphite rear arms
- BD-415SG Graphite steering blocks
- BD-415RG Graphite rear hub carriers
- BD-010FW Front double joint universal shafts
- B7-203 Aluminum special servo mount
Changing the suspension pieces to graphite will provide sharper response and improved handling. On tracks where grip-rolling is an issue, it is recommended to at least change the front and rear suspension arms to graphite.

For reference, listed below are the differences between the cars of Naoto and Ronald from the recently held 2012 Japanese Nationals. 

Ronald's car, mostly stock with the following options.
- BD-010FW Front double joint universal shafts
- B7-TBS Titanium turnbuckle set
- B7-TSS Titanium screw set
- B7-203 Aluminum special servo mount

Naoto's car, with the following options 
・BD-008FG Graphite front arms
・BD-008RG1 Graphite rear arms
・BD-415SG Graphite steering blocks
・BD-415RG Graphite rear hub carriers
・BD-010FW Front double joint universal shafts
・B7-TBS Titanium turnbuckle set
・B7-TSS Titanium screw set
・B7-203 Aluminum special servo mount


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