Friday, September 28, 2012

BD7 new split mounts explained

As explained by Team Yokomo in their Facebook Page:

A new set of suspension mounts for the BD7 have been introduced, with an all-new split design for easier accessibility and more precise alignment. 
The following are included standard in the BD7 kit:
The new split mounts can be used in both the FR and RF locations, and are available in the following widths:
The FF/FR and RF/RR combinations still allow the same toe angles (at the inner hinge pin) as the previous BD5, but now some additional combinations are possible for even more tunability.

Another new introduction for the BD7 are the C-hubs (aka caster blocks), which will provide 4 and 6 degree caster angle options, and a stronger design. The C-hubs available for the BD5 can also be used on the BD7, and provide 4 degrees of caster, as well as being available in a graphite version.

  • 4 degree C-hubs (B7-413W Standard C-hubs or BD-413G Graphite C-hubs) - More steering entering the corner, but less on corner exit. When you have grip-roll issues occuring at the middle of the corner or when exiting the corner, using these c-hubs should help.
  • 6 degree C-hubs (Available soon!) - Less steering entering the corner, but more from the middle of the corner and exiting the corner.

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