Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yokomo R12 World Conversion Kit

Driven by Naoto Matsukura to capture a second title at the 2012 IFMAR World Championships, this conversion kit includes all of the prototype parts used his YOKOMO R12, which showed unmatched rear traction and handling performance.
The front steering system has been modified to use cranks, providing optimal ackerman while maintaining a very compact setup. The rear hubs have also been modified to be 6mm narrow than previous, allowing a wider range of tread adjustment, and better handling of low grip conditions.
The result of these changes allows for setups that provide both increased rear traction for improved corner speed, and aggressive steering.

■Graphite main chassis / lower brace / upper brace
■Steering crank set
■Aluminum turnbuckle tie-rods
■Big bore ‘X’ rear shock set
■Narrow-compatible rear shaft
■Narrow-compatible right hub
■Center shock mount

A World Conversion kit is available late August.

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