Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIB part list update!

Yokomo has updated the part list page on their website.

The interesting items are:
IB-GC1 and IB-GC2.  These are labelled as Upgrade Kit 1 and Upgrade Kit 2.  However, no further details are being offered.  We are looking forward to receiving more information.

It also seems that the composite bulkheads can be easily replaced with DRB ones.


  1. That are optional hop up parts, I jsut saw them in Japan. By the time you get these parts you will pay as much as the DRB.

  2. The IB-GC1 and IB-GC2 are the front/rear, upper and lower aluminum bulkheads. The ones that come with the kit are plastic ones also the aluminum c hubs for wheel adapters. It is nice to leave in Japan where these parts are readily available, now that I have DRB/DIB I will be selling my drift master chassis set up for counter-steer any takers?

  3. i will buy all when it arrive malaysia !



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