Friday, February 10, 2012

Yokomo DIB release date and price information

Team Yokomo has announced the follwoing information relating to the release of DIB.

It is scheduled to be released at end of February.  We expected to receive the first shipment beginning March.

It is listed as JPY42,800. ( estimates ~ US$550.00 / RM1700.00)  It is priced between the Drift Package Plus Type-C and DRB.  The final price for local market would be confirmed later.

● Centralised weight control
● 2 Belt Drive System
● Front Midship Motor Design
● 45 Degree Steering Angle and Counter Drift Ackerman Design
● SSG Graphite Upper Deck & Lower Chassis, F&R Shock Tower
● Precision Aluminium Motor Mount
● Low Friction F&R Universal Joint
● High Volume Aluminium Shock Absorbers
● Front One-Way Bearing, Rear Locked Spool
● Full Ball Bearing

All these features make the car look like a great bargain considering that it is coming out from a World class manufacturer, Team Yokomo Japan.  

Please contact us for further details.

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