Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Masami in GT500 race in Japan

Masami has partcipated in a recent GT500 race.  Some pictures taken from Team Yokomo website.

It was held in the city of Koriyama.  Results of the qualifying is as follows:
A main 
Masami Hirosaka a 7.166. 
7.419 2 Kazunori Watanabe. 
7.452 3 Taku Yamashita. 
7.501 4 Hiroaki Yasumoto. 
7.503 5 Hiroyuki Usui.

Masami continue to win the race.  But because it is a race that he organized, he has opted out of contention. But no doubt, it was a great fun to see the LEGEND racing again.

For Masami's setup of his GT500, please click here: SETUP

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