Thursday, February 2, 2012

Drift Body Shell shipment arrived

We have received the latest shipment of Drift body shells.

The list is as follows:

SD-KU2BS :  Kunnys Chaser
SD-382BS :  BMW TE382
SD-TSFCBS :  Team Samurai FC3S
SD-DKPBS :  Kogushi Power 180Sx
SD-EVXBS :  Yuke's Cusco EV10
SD-430BS :  Droo-P SC430
SD-C35BS :  C35 Haruyama
SD-REA7BS :  M7 RE Amemiya Toyo D1-7
SD-DM13BS :  One Via
SD-1093BS :  1093 SPEED S14 Silvia
SD-TY15BS :  Team Toyo S15 Silvia
SD-B324BS :  B324R
SD-S144BS :  460 Power S14 Silvia
SD-DR86BS :  Droo-P AE86
SD-SR86BS :  SunRise 86
SD-KOBS :  Kei Office S15 Silvia
SD-TSBS :  Top Secret S15 Silvia
SD-180BS :  Street Spec 180SX
SD-FC3SBS :  Street Spec FC3S
SD-AE86BS :  Street Spec AE86
SD-PS13BS :  Drift Xtreme PS13 Silvia
SD-Z33BS :  ORC Z33

Please contact us for further details.

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