Monday, December 12, 2011

Yokomo Drift Meeting Special Round @ Yatabe Arena

Team Yokomo Japan has announced a special round of Drift Meeting to be held on 17th and 18th December 2011 @ Yatabe Arena.  It is the World Championship for R/C drift.

International drifters can sign up for the World Class. The rules are as follows:

●WORLD class regulations
1) Chassis
Drift Package, Drift Racer(preassembled kit), or Yokomo 1/10 touring chassis only. Optional parts must be Yokomo or Yokomo approved brands.
2) Motor
Yokomo drift motor D1SPN(19T), D1SP(19T), D1R(27T), Yokomo ZERO brushless motor(above 10.5T) only. If using a brushless motor, either a Yokomo or Nosram speed controller must be used.
3) Battery
Yokomo stick packs(LiPo included) or Nickel-cell packs with Yokomo shrink wrap must be used. Yokomo matched batteries are allowed. However, other brand matched packs using Yokomo cells are not allowed.
Caution) Other brand cells with Yokomo ZAP2 stickers are not allowed. Participants who do not possess the allowed batteries or motors will not be allowed to participate.
4) Body shell
Only body shells sold specifically for the Yokomo 1/10th scale Drift Package are allowed.
Yokomo body shells with hand-made plastic parts, parts made from Yokomo bodies(of the same or other model), or parts made from molded putty are allowed, but any part made from another brand body or aero part, or original hand-made body shells are not allowed.
Wings, wing stays, mirrors, mufflers (that are not part of the body) must be either Yokomo or a Yokomo approved brand product.
Modified standard kit parts by either Yokomo or a Yokomo approved brand are allowed, but use of parts from non-approved brands or hand-made original parts are not allowed. Additionally, double stacked wings, or polycarbonate wings for competition touring car or off-road cars, whether Yokomo or not, are not allowed.
However in regards to electronic lighting, other brands or hand-made original parts are allowed.
5) Chassis
Overall length must be 50cm or shorter (body included). Overall width must be 22cm or less. Wheelbase must be 27cm or less.
6) Tires
ENTRY and SPORT classes must use Yokomo Drift Zero One R(ZR-DR02), Zero One RS(ZR-DR02S), Zero One R2(ZR-DR04) tires. TWIN DORI and WORLD classes must use Zero One R2(ZR-DR04) tires only. Modifications are not allowed. Please mount the tires so that the ‘YOKOMO  PAT.P.’ lettering faces the outside. Mounting the tires in the opposite direction is not allowed.
7) Wheel
Only Yokomo Drift wheels allowed. Non-Yokomo wheels may not be used, but modification of Yokomo drift wheels is allowed.
8) Other
Drift assist systems, gyros, or any other electronic device providing automatic counter steering aid is not allowed.
Yokomo approved brands
Team Suzuki, Rayspeed, Associated, TN Racing, MIP, Team Bomber, Welc, XENON Racing

Please contact us for details if you are interested to participate. Thanks.

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