Friday, November 12, 2010

Brunei International Convention Center Race - report by KS Chu

The event was held at the Banquet Hall at the International Convention Centre Berakas which organized by Sunlit Advertising Sdn Bhd and PEMKAR Brunei which consist of 2 class, Stock 11.5t and Open Mod .

It attracts top racers around the region, mainly from Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kuala Lumpur with one aim, to be crowned as the Champion of BICC Race.

There are 31 racers in Stock class and 24 racers in Mod class.

Both class consists of a 5 rounds qualifying with 1 best rounds to count.

I arrived on thursday night and went straight to the track to observe the layout and traction.

Practice start on Friday (5/11/10) morning and seeding for qualifying start on 8pm .

I manage to get 2nd place(stock class) and 4th place (mod class) for seeding for Saturday's qualifying.  While Jason Lim(yokomo) managed to clock 7th place(stock class) and Bobbimaru(yokomo)  4th place in Group 4 (stock class).

On Saturday, everyone was working hard to up their pace. But,I only manage to get 5th (1st heat), 7th (2nd heat), 3rd (3rd heat), 6th (4th heat).

Jason lim was doing quite well, 4th (1st heat), 3rd (2nd heat), 7th (3rd heat), 3rd (4th heat).

Bobbimaru was seen to be struggling hard but encountered many problem during qualifying.

I checked my car  and found out it's tweak badly that night. I decided to switch to my spare car which i  borrowed from my friend (Ah Keat) and set it up according to Ronald Volker IIC Setup.

Sunday was the last heat for both class. After i switched to my spare car, the car performs much much better than previously. I managed to get 3rd place for stock class and 3rd for mod class for the last qualifying round but as this is the last qualifying round i(Yokomo) only managed to get 5th place for mod and stock class for the final round. Meanwhile Jason Lim(Yokomo) in A Main 3rd and Bobbimaru(Yokomo) qualified to 10th for B main.

This make 2 Yokomo into the A Main.

Azri Amri took TQ for both class.

Final 1 A main Stock Class start around 1.40pm. Everyone was very focus for the Tone of starting. Tone is sound, everyone push to the limit with Azri amri taking the lead easily as the other car was crashing behind. I was able to squeeze through the crash and gain 4th position behind Norazam (3rd place). Norazam was following Wirawan(2nd) closely till Wirawan made a mistake. The current position is Azri (1st), Norazam (2nd), KS Chu(3rd), Wirawan (4th), Jason Lim (5th) The position unchange until the last 30 second when i pass the last sweeper, my battery tape break and this ended my 1st Final A Stock.

1st Final result is
1. Azri
2. Norazam
3. Wirawan
4. Jason Lim
5. Chor T
6. Raphael
7. Keeman
8. Zahirul
9. KS Chu
10. Hj Irman

Next up was the Final 2 A main Stock class. Race start, Azri taking the lead follow by Wirawan
, Jason Lim., Norazam and ks chu. After 4 laps, Azri was switch position with Jason lim when Azri, norazam and wirawan was crashing each other. But this does not last long as Jason Lim made a mistake in the sweeper and causing the behind car crashing again. This allow Hj Irman gain the lead when he manage to pass through the accident.

Hj Irman taking the lead and being pressure hard by Azri behind. Hj Irman unable to stand the pressure by azri till he made a mistake in the lap 12th and Azri regain the 1st position. Unfortunately Azri have to end his race due to some technical problem happen on lap 14th.

Norazam take the lead follow by Wirawan and KS Chu till end of 5 minutes.
2nd Final result is

1. Norazam
2. Wirawan.
3. KS Chu
4. Hj Irman
5. Jason Lim
6. Raphael
7. Keeman
8. Zahirul Azman
9. Azri
10. Chor T

Last Final of A Main Stock Class start, front position car was crashing, I manage to take the 1st position after i able to avoid the crash. But it's not last long as i encounter traction roll in the sweeper. I flip and drop back to 7th place. Norazam take the lead follow by wirawan and Raphael and Azri. In the laps 14th, Jason Lim manage to gain the lead when Norazam hit by Wirawan. He take the lead follow by Azri . Jason Lim drop to 4th and he made a contact with azri. Norazam take the lead follow by Wirawan and KS Chu.

In the last lap of 5 minutes, there are an accident happen in the sweeper causing all the front line car to stuck there. I was lucky enough to pass through it and i take the 1st position in last Final.

3rd Final result is

1. KS Chu
2. Wirawan.
3. Norazam
4. Azri
5. Hj Irman
6. Keeman
8. Chor T
9. Zahirul Azman
10. Jason Lim

Final Result for Stock Class

TQ - Azri
1. Norazam
2. Wirawan
3. KS Chu
5. Jason
6. Hj Irman
7. Raphael
8. Chor-t
9. Keeman
10. Zahirul Azman

report by KS Chu.

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