Sunday, October 31, 2010

Azman @ UK Sweep Race

Our friend, Azman Azam, has sent us report of UK Sweep race which was held recently.  Thank you very much. :-)

From UK Sweep Race 2010

He won the race.... of course! Congratulations!

Here is the setting sheet.

From UK Sweep Race 2010
From UK Sweep Race 2010

Detailed report:

Its 10.10.10 & starting to get cold over here in the UK, my indoor carpet winter racing season starts of at Sweep UK Rugrace in Ware, Hertfordshire. It consists of a 6 rounds championship with 4 rounds to count. Regards to be one of the most competitive winter series championships in the UK and attracts more than 100 over racers. It has 3 main categories ranging from Stock Class (13.5T), Pro Stock Class (10.5T) & Modified Class (no limit).
I’ve registered myself for the extremely competitive Stock Class this year but it just got tougher as many found the quicker 10.5T motors to be too quick & all the top class drivers has drop down to 13.5T.  All of the top UK drivers graduated from this class before moving up to modified, among which are Andy Moore, Chris Grainger, Olly Jefferies & 2010 IFMAR World Championship podium finisher Elliot Harper.
The qualifying started fairly for me, finding the car rather nice to drive as the track is still ‘green’ & the low grip conditions will have much more grip as the day progress = quicker laptimes at the end of the day. After struggling a little bit on speed, I’ve manage to up my pace & it rewarded me to qualify 5th in the B finals. The finals are 3 leg finals with 2 to count. My 1st leg final I didn’t do too well but felt I’m on pace but only manage to get 8th overall. In the 2nd leg, I was able to keep up a fairly consistent pace with the front leaders & manage to overtook the leader and win it by the last few laps. Roll on the final leg & felt it’s possible for a good result from this race. True enough my consistency paid off & brought me the win in the last leg of the finals & crowning me as B Finals champion.
From the start of the day, the Yokomo BD5 World Spec was awesome & had more to come as the day progress. It is a fairly an easy car to drive & carry’s a lot of corner speed. With ORCA providing the power (ORCA 5500mah 50c LIPO battery) & control (ORCA Vritra TC Spec ESC) it helped me attain the result I’ve achieve today.
Till next time...
Azman Sulaiman

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