Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to convert your Drift Package to Type-C?

Since the release of Type-C and with video showing its capacity. There are questions being asked on how to convert Drift Package to get the "super steering".

Here are the items you need to convert the FRONT suspension:

ZC-017C Shock Tower (F&R)

SD-008UC Upper Arm Set (F&R) for Type-C

SD-008C Lower Arm Set (F&R) for Type-C

SD-008RC Ball End Set for Type-C

SD-300C Upper Arm Mount / Rear Suspension Mount for Type-C

SD-414KBC King Pin Ball (Set of 4)

SD-009U Upper A-Arm Pin (Set of 4)

SD-TB20 Steel Turnbuckle 20mm

We are running a special promotion for the conversion kit (Front Suspension Only). Please call us to find out.

Additional details can be found here at d1-10rc Forum. It will be updated there later.

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