Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yokomo Drift Package Plus Type C

New inovative design from Yokomo Japan.

Drift Package Plus Type C.

Yokomo Drift Package Plus Type C.

New shock tower for Type C.

Aluminum motor mount clamp.

Aluminum blue anodized main shaft, Full time 4wd.

Front double wishbone suspension arm design with no C Hub carrier.

Rear double wishbone suspension arm design.

Quick Rear Toe Adjustment.

High volume shock.

The brand new "Drift Package Plus Type C" has the design with the concept of easy adjustment and cost saving on the spare parts.

- Front and rear suspension arm are common part and can be use on both side.
- Equipped with front and rear universal joint shaft.
- Easy adjustment of the rear toe angle with the tie rod on individual setting.
- Chassis is design to use Nimh and Lipo battery.

*Photo courtesy of Yokomo Japan.


  1. I think yokomo has a great package.

  2. Just bought one today, the sales guy super duper helpfull and thanks man sharing good tips.

  3. hi bro can ask how much is one from kl? coming soon going to see if its cheaper there

  4. where i can buy this ?

    1. Hi. Thanks for your interest. At the moment, this kit is our of stock. Please contact us at and we can assist you on this matter. Thanks.

  5. where can i download english instruction manual? can you give us the link?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi. You can download it from Competition X website. They keep a good list of manuals online.



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