Friday, November 27, 2009

Team Petronas Syntium @ Yatabe Arena Japan

Team Petronas Syntium @ Yatabe Arena Japan. :)

A big welcome to Team Petronas from Yatabe Arena. :)

Farique is enjoy playing the SSGP.

Team Petronas Syntium drivers pay a visit to Yatabe Arena Japan together with ESPN reporter. Before the 2009 Super Taikyu Endurance Series held at Twin Ring Motegi (Japan) 29th Nov.

Team Petronas drivers having fun on the SSGP together with Masami Hirosaka and Naoto Matsukura.

Masami is giving some tips on the Yokomo BD5 to Farique Hairuman & Johan Adzmi.

Trying the outdoor track.

Team Petronas driver: Nobuteru Taniguchi.

Group Photo. :)

Farique is getting ready.

Team Petronas Syntium race car.

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Source: InsideTy

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