Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ride Height

Ride Height

Ride height
(ground clearance) is the amount of space between the underside of the

Chassis and ground level. Change of ride height will alters roll center & CG (Center of gravity of the chassis. This is important because it affects traction and handling when the car is running on the track.

Ride height should stay consistent with rubber tires. But when using foam tires, ride height will decrease when the foam tires start to wear out after runs to smaller diameter.

Measure the ride height with the car ready-to-run without the body. Use the shock preload collars to adjust the ride height. Important point of measuring ride height is always make sure equal adjustments on both left and right sides of the car at each end.

Setup Tool:

  • Ride height gauge
  • Flat setup board

Initial Step

  • Front and rear shock remain attach
  • Front and rear Anti roll bar remain attach
  • Ensure the chassis is not tweak
  • Put on all 4 wheels and make sure left and right tires on both front and rear is same diameter

Effects of adjustment

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  1. Good Job man!, post more about setup information, i think alot people want to know that. :)



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