Tuesday, June 30, 2009

KK EP Touring Championship 2009

The Kota Kinabalu EP Touring Championship took place recently at HMS track in Kolombong, Malaysia. The track size is design for 1/8 onroad nitro and track one of the challenging part where the traction is only medium grip and track surface is bumpy. Drivers need to find the correct setup and good driving skill is required. The motor have limit to only 11.5R Brushless or 23T Brush motor.

Team Yokomo have four drivers in this race driving the new Yokomo MRTC-BD5. Three drivers from Kuala Lumpur Mr. Ong, Mr. Choy and Mr. Chung and one local driver Mr. Ks Chu.

The race has start late due to some technical errors, but manages to sort out the problem in time and start the first qualifying at 1P.M. Each drivers have 4 heats and each round was 5 minutes long and the result is based on best of 3 heats to qualified for the final.

After the 4 heats the TQ of the day is Mr. Ong from Kuala Lumpur driving the Yokomo BD5 follow by Mr. Raphael driving Hot Bodies Cyclone and Mr. KS Chu with his brand new Yokomo BD5. The A finals is interesting as Mr. Ong take the lead on the first A final and the following 2 finals Mr. KS Chu taking a comfortable win over Mr.Ong with his brand new BD5.

For further more detail report of the race, please visit KS Chu Blog


A Main

1. KS Chu /Yokomo
2. Ong San /Yokomo
3. Ah Choy /Yokomo
4. Gary Soh /Xray
5. Ah Keat /Xray
6. Jason Shim /Tamiya
7. Raphael /HotBodies
8. Samuel /Alex Racing
9. Sam Chong /Alex Racing
10. David Voo /Serpent

B Main

1. Ah Hiung /S400
2. Rayner Liew /HPI
3. Ah Chung /Yokomo
4. James Chong /Serpent
5. Frankie /Serpent

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